Skull Fist - Tour Dates Announced

Canadian heavy/speed metallers Skull Fist will hit the road for some touring this coming spring in support of their latest effort, Way Of The Road, released back in October, 2018. The band will attack first Mexican cities in March, before heading to the States' in April. Check out all confirmed dates at the official tour flyers, revealed down under.

Bassist/vocalist Zach Slaughter states: "After 4 years of a wonderful stream of "luck" Skull Fist has returned with a long awaited and well overdue record. Way Of The Road tells the tale of triumph and ditch digging all for the glory of personal freedumb. Raw tunes, raw band, raw emotions, raw hide, and raw feet from pushing that hunk of crap van after countless breakdowns, this isn't a gimic, this isn't a joke, these are real songs for real people who continuously fall down on the long journey home. These guys give it all they got and sometimes its just enough to make you say "bro man, these guys aren't kidding around.

"I've been watching you dudes from the north for a while planning our route for invasion. It's a good thing were Canadian and we literally have zero weapons, even our gear sucks. But, we're doing this because we've got no else place to go and no back up plans. No goof, no balony."

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Posted: 11.02.2019 by Bad English

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