Count Raven - Upcoming Album Recording Process Stopped

Long-running Swedish doom metal operatives Count Raven have confirmed the cancellation of their gig at the Old Grave Fest in Bucharest (Romania), due guitarist/vocalist's Dan Fondelius heart condition. The band has also stopped with the recording of a new studio album.

Dan commented: "Hello there everyone. The Count here. Count Raven have unfortunately cancelled the concert at Old Grave Fest, Bucharest, Romania. This is due to the fact that I have contracted a heart problem. The doctor is optimistic, but has, due to long waiting time on tests to get me the correct help and treatment, recommended me not to do this concert.

"You are never prepared to get this kind of news thrown in your face, and this is incredibly frustrating. We were really looking forward to it. Thankfully, the wonderful people at Old Grave Fest were very understanding, and they were kind enough to keep the discussion open about us coming back at a later date. That helped a lot. All I know for now is that I have to take it easy and rest for at least 6 months. Keep your fingers crossed.

"We are also recording a new album at the moment, and that work has stopped for a while. However, since the last work to finish the album has been moved back to my house and my own small studio, the doctor felt that it is a less stressful situation, and that I could probably get back to work sooner. So I'm looking forward to *sitting* down in my chair and doing more guitar work, with my guitar and a cup of coffee. About the coming album, yet untitled, it is always a bit hard to have a total overview on the material. But it has all the traditional stuff there, the mix between heavy and softer sounds. And as usual, it will be a natural follow up to the previous albums.
Thanks for all of your support and best wishes to all of you."

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Posted: 17.09.2019 by Bad English

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