Twilight Force - Split With Drummer, Announce Replacement

Swedish symphonic power metal formation Twilight Force has announced the departure of their drummer De'Azsh, who was part of the group since the very beginning (2011). The emptied spot will be filled by Isak Olsson.

The band commented: "Allies, acolytes and apprentices. Stay a while, and listen. It is with heavy hearts and solemnity that we hereby announce the departure of our dear friend, mighty comrade, and devourer of souls De'Azsh from Twilight Force. His kind heart, wisdom, friendship, and last but not least his impeccable drumming, will be dearly missed by us all. We will of course remain good friends in the future, and there are no qualms or hard feelings in any way, shape, or form. Life (be it earthly or ethereal) sometimes shifts unpredictably, albeit wonderfully, and we give De'Azsh our full support and understanding in his choices. The adventures we have experienced together, and the battles we have fought side by side have been numerous, thrilling and enriching, and we will forever cherish all our memories of both joy and hardships. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for more than five years of splendour!

"But, fear not..because we all know that our beloved Soulseeker is capable of unfathomable arcane trickery. Hence, The Book of Time bring words of hope and mirth amidst somber circumstances, once again...

"The manifestation of the Soulseeker known as 'De'Azsh' has forever existed throughout recorded history. Despite any sudden and seemingly inexplicable decision of its current husk to embark on new and enigmatic pursuits, its very being and festering essence is already beginning to shapeshift and materialize anew. Through magicka as old as time itself, The Soulseeker shall live on, and its knowledge, skills and mana shall be passed on and transmogrified into an equally as powerful being. De'Azsh is eternal.

"Thus, do not despair! The spirit, existence, and performances of De'Azsh shall henceforth live on unaltered in the Twilight Kingdoms in the shape of our new drummer, known throughout the human realms as Isak Olsson. He is a fervent, young and incredibly skilled musician from Falun, originating not far from the birthplace of Twilight Force. After meticulous trials, Isak proved his ineffable skills to the Triumvirate of the Arch-Wizards; and his talent, friendliness, persona, and ambitions made him a perfect fit among our ranks. We know that matters such as these are always a sensitive topic, but it is our humble wish that you all welcome him with open arms and lowered shields, and embrace his prowess on the battlefield, as have we. His first appearance in the world of the living will be at our side in our upcoming battles in Japan early next year.

"Despite the mournful state of loss initially proclaimed, we are relieved and excited to also announce the completed metamorphosis and re-entry of De'Azsh, may his soul(s) be immortal."

Courtesy of the band's Facebook page

Statement from De'Azsh's: "Many years ago I stepped into the Twilight Kingdoms, eager to explore the mysterious magic and wondrous lands. The journey has been epic and glorious beyond words! I have been fortunate enough to stand (or maybe sit) side by side with the most honorable and talented companions and friends! Together we conquered both land and sea throughout (almost) the whole world. The gratitude I feel is indescribable. I have had the pleasure to visit so many beautiful places, meet so many great knights, making so many wonderful memories together with all the other members of Twilight Force.

" is with a heavy heart and very mixed feelings I announce that my journey with Twilight Force has come to an end. I feel like my quest is completed and it's time to explore new worlds. I'll leave the soul seeking to my future successor who in time shall reveal his (its?) name and presence.

"Lastly I want to make clear (if there were any doubts) that there are no hard feelings whatsoever between me and the band or its members. This decision is mine and it's made based on many different changes in my personal life. I wish Twilight Force all the best, all the glory there is to be found, and I'm sure that they will stand victorious for all eternity!"

Band profile: Twilight Force
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