Cormorant - Going On Hiatus

After 12 active years, members of American melodic death/progressive metal band Cormorant have decided that it's time to take a break for the indefinite period. Up to now, Cormorant put out one EP and four full-length records, Disapora being their latest one (2017). Full statement from the band can be read below.

Official statement from the group: "After 12 years as an active band, the time has come for us to put Cormorant to rest for the foreseeable future. This decision isn't based on any personal issues or musical differences - all four of us still have a great relationship and the music we've made will always be very important to us. Simply put, our lives have been moving in different directions over the past year, with relocations and life changes having a larger effect on the band than ever before. It's clear to all of us that in order to give Cormorant the respect and attention it deserves, we have to step away, at least for the time being.

"We'd like to thank our fans around the world for the amazing ride over this past decade. It sounds cheesy and everybody says it, but we quite literally could not have done this band without your support. As an independent band, we relied on you to keep the machine running, and you never let us down. You let us into your lives and took the time to listen to the music that we created, and we'll forever be grateful for that.

"Thank you to every person who listened to, purchased or recommended any of our five albums. Thank you to everyone who came to see us play live. Thank you to the amazing bands (in the Bay Area and beyond) who have inspired us and who we've become friends with over the years. Thank you to every publication and website that covered us and brought our music to a wider audience. And thank you to our friends and families for always supporting our artistic endeavors.

"This may be goodbye for now, but let's not call it the end. We will always love each other and love this band, so if the stars align in the future, it's quite possible you'll be seeing us again. Until then, thanks for everything! Your support means more to us than you'll ever know. We'll see you down the road."

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Posted: 19.11.2019 by MetalManic


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19.11.2019 - 23:33
Enemy of Reality
This kind of sucks because imo Diaspora was/is their best album. I was hoping the next would be their definitive breakthrough. Oh well...
20.11.2019 - 16:08
It really does suck but there's no point in expecting excellent music from a band who are not entirely focused on the task at hand.
21.11.2019 - 05:55
Love this band. Crappy news, never got to see them live, but their statement is a satisfying one. Like they said, they may be back and I'll take advantage if/when they do.

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