Redwood Hill - New Album Completed, Details Revealed

Danish metallers Redwood Hill are excited to announce the release of their new studio album, to be entitled Ender. Ender will conclude their trilogy of albums, following Descender (2012) and Collider (2014). The band teamed up with Patrick Fragtrup at Wolf Rider Sound Production to work on this new album, which is seeing the light on March 20th, 2020 in collaboration with Rakkerpak Records.

Redwood Hill says: "We decided early on that we wanted this album, the final chapter of our trilogy, to be a double album - A grand finale of sorts. The efforts required to write and record this behemoth of a record, threatened to end the band several times. However, even in the face of adversity, we feel like we have managed to achieve what we wanted; an album that combines the best of our earlier releases and adds new layers. Listeners of Descender and Collider will find many aspects of Ender familiar - but further exploring and accentuating the elements that we feel makes a good Redwood Hill record."

Tracks on the album:

01. Singularity
02. No Horizon
03. Descender
04. Nihil
05. Leben
06. Black Heart
07. Absence
08. Collider
09. Polar
10. The Passage
11. Ender

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Posted: 10.01.2020 by Abattoir

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