Bad English - The Secret Behind Bad English Revealed

With the recent April Fools' Bad English saga of first pretending that he is permabanned and then that his English skills are a gimmick, we've had second thoughts after seeing a fair deal of people take the second seriously because it was posted on April 2nd instead of April 1st. We felt a bit guilty about continuing the joke after April Fools', so we decided to come clean about Bad English.

Bad English is a project started by Ivan, the website's creator, about 15 years ago. Ivan was studying linguistics, after mastering php and Fortran, he was more interested in human languages, and mostly the idea of how broken up a language could be and still be understood. He of course had to adapt this bot to speak some sort of English, as this would be the language that would be spoken on the forum of the website he was also working on and he intended to test Bad English there. At first, he didn't want to make Bad English' nature obvious, so he attempted to mask him as a regular user, giving him the somewhat inconspicuous name of K7. It was only after another member of the staff found Bad English coded in the website that Ivan decided to tell the rest of the staff about his existence and changed his username.

Lately the bot seems to have suffered some bugs, as Ivan accidentally coded the "newspost" bot into Bad English, and its functionality was compromised by the news being added in the forum copy-pasted instead of as news. Because we haven't been able to fix this bug in due time, we have decided to retire Bad English by pretending that he would be permabanned for spamming. We figured April Fools' might be a good opportunity to do so.

Of course, Bad English was in a sense just the precursor of Ivan's other bots, like the complain bot or the review bot, the latter of which was assigned to generate this article. The former shall of course remain unnamed.
Posted: 03.04.2020 by RaduP

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04.04.2020 - 19:44
I think, therefore I am a bot.
04.04.2020 - 19:57
Not sure how is it good for the community to read something like this, but you know better.
04.04.2020 - 23:14
Cynic Metalhead
Atrocious Virgin
I don't know why I feel this April fest will qualify for "Drama Of The Year". Just a hunch.
05.04.2020 - 01:42
Darkside Momo
Written by Netzach on 04.04.2020 at 16:58

Written by Darkside Momo on 04.04.2020 at 13:31

I do. I imagined you all

Huh... Feel free to keep that up for a while, will you?

I might
My Author's Blog (in French)

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you"

"I've lost too many years now
I'm stealing back my soul
I am awake"
05.04.2020 - 17:20
Bleeding angel
Maaaan, you just gave me the mixed of the mixest feelings. Huh
06.04.2020 - 17:02
Lone wanderer
There all still veterans that remember Kariasakis7
07.04.2020 - 13:22
What if Ivan is a bot and the website created itself... I think I'm onto something.
26.04.2020 - 22:33
Troy Killjoy
Just for the sake of accuracy, Ivan's bot project was initially named Kariasakis7. It's referred to as k7 by those who grew used to the name while in its infancy and didn't care to spell it out each time when referring to it.
I have no memory of this place.

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