Enslaved - Premiere 'Urjotun' Song & Video

Today Enslaved release third single - "Urjotun" - from their upcoming studio album Utgard, due out 2nd October via Nuclear Blast. The single, one of their most experimental yet, is accompanied by a psychedelic video detailing dark visions and a journey to the outer reaches of the subconscious. The latter was produced and directed by David Hall.

Vocalist Grutle Kjellson commented: "The lyrical idea for "Urjotun" had been spinning around in the chaos in the back of my head for quite a while, when Ivar sent me the riff-demo last autumn. I knew instantly that this was it, the very soundtrack of the rise of the primeval giant, the "Urjotun"! Our mutual love and fascination for that early krautrock scene and for bands like Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, finally fully ascended in an Enslaved song, almost 30 years after we picked up those legendary kraut-albums. It's funny, that in Germany they referred to this kind of music as 'Kosmische Musik', cosmic music! And, that is exactly what this song is about; cosmic chaos. On top of this, director David Hall, made a perfect projection and visualization of our troubled minds."

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Posted: 28.08.2020 by Abattoir


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28.08.2020 - 14:03
It is interesting how the song progressed. When the vocals first came in it reminded me of My Dying Bride meets Therion in a way. Maybe I'm real off here, but that was my first impression.
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28.08.2020 - 16:53
The Entity
First time in awhile I feelt they do something different, plus its a really good track! Having abit higher hopes for the album now!
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28.08.2020 - 20:00
This isn't very good. Goes nowhere.
28.08.2020 - 20:40
Damn, with the sound of this track they are going for, I really want to like it, but I find it kind of meh. It's different from all the stuff they've done in the past, even their most recent album. More upbeat then they've ever been. More prog rock-esque and synthy. Kind of reminds me of a meh version of Queen of Light or something from BtL. Not the worst though, I'd give it a 6/10 probably. Still wanna hear the full album when it comes out!
28.08.2020 - 23:18
At first I thought it was an instrumental akin to Secrets of the Flesh, a personal favorite of mine. Vocals came in and it turned out to be a good, trippy song that invokes earlier works and gets me excited for this album.
29.08.2020 - 01:24
I've always liked Enslaved's experimentations, whether Trinacria, or the stuff on The Sleeping Gods or Thorn, or their cover of What Else Is There. This feels like the moment when that stuff fully gels with the rest of Enslaved's influences to become its own epic primordial metal thing.
Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy
29.08.2020 - 03:40
Ace Frawley
The Spaceman
Cool song and video, enjoying that Enslaved are continuing to evolve and change, with lots of variety and prog influences.
The sun shines over The Fool...
29.08.2020 - 11:23
This is going to be a notable departure for them based on the songs out so far, every excited to hear how the whole thing comes together. A lot shorter songs here than on E and In Times by the looks of it
31.08.2020 - 16:19
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Did they go techo punk, well one experimental song I can live whit, but not album, band is dead to me after Isa.
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02.09.2020 - 01:16
Darkside Momo
All three songs got me quite hyped for this new album, I must say
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