Soilwork - Entering The Studio In March 2007

Sweden's SOILWORK check in with the following band update:

"First of all, we wanna say thanks for a great 2006. We had a great year and alot of great tours. It was fun to see you all out there. Since the release of Stabbing The Drama in 2005, we made about 250 shows for that album. Now its time to take a rest, but also to get focused on the upcoming album.

Right now we're working on the new songs. We have about seven songs ready and so far it sounds great. It will be a killer album. We will enter the studio at the beginning of March and, hopefully, the album will be out in late summer. We will keep you updated of the recording progress. And... regarding the guitarist situation... soon it will be decided who's gonna replace Peter. So, once again... thanks for the great support and... see ya in 2007."

As previously reported, Soilwork's guitarist, Peter Wichers, left the band in December 2005 to pursue a career in producing.

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09.01.2007 - 13:00
Angel of Lust
Yayyy! Wooow! can't wait for the new Soilwork album!
I love every single work of them...

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft
09.01.2007 - 15:27
Account deleted
im not a big fan of soilwork but it sounds great
09.01.2007 - 15:56
soilwork sucks
i'm super, thanks for asking
09.01.2007 - 18:09
Account deleted
Can't wait for some more Soilwork, lots of bands I know releasing during 2007,
09.01.2007 - 19:15
Der Meister
Account deleted
I wonder how the fact that Peter is not involved anymore will affect their new direction. While I actually enjoyed Stabbing The Drama, I'd still like to (as so many others) see them do something more similar to the older material of theirs. But I'm quite sure we're never going to hear another Chainheart Machine.
10.01.2007 - 15:33
Lost To Apathy
The departure of Peter will probably have little effect on Soilwork's sound, as his role in the song writting process, I think, wasn't that relevant, though I might be wrong. In any case, I hope they can do better than "Stabbing The Drama", which was their weakest album thus far.
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10.01.2007 - 20:51
I'd like another Predator's Portrait but i guess I won't get it
---- - My Black Metal band
11.01.2007 - 04:18
Xtreme Jax
Should be interesting to hear whatthey come up with without Peter, I actualy didnt mind 'Stabbing The Drama' but Im not going to put money on that this will be one of their better albums. Have to wait and see I guess.

Hellcunt Smurf

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