Necros Christos - Call It Quits

Necros Christos, German black/death metal quartet, have decided to conclude their chapter after 20 years of existence. In this time, they put out 3 full length albums, 2 EP and 3 split EP releases. Below you can read their full statement with the main reason behind this decision.

Full statement from the band: Behold ye brethren and sisters, for a last time we call out to you and thus, with saddened hearts, we have to proclaim the definite end of Necros Christos.

"Due to the international situation we were forced to cancel all farewell shows we had actually planned for 2020 and we will not be able to postpone any of those to a later date. It was a long journey to go, with many highs and lows, but we are utmost grateful for all the moments we shared as a band, on the road, in the studio and with YOU, our supporters, our fans.

"We were never big in the business, never sold ourselves in any way, but that's exactly what we are proud of. We always lived by the formula of integrity, being true to ourselves and the music we adore so much. We will always support the underground Metal scene as individuals and our sincerest hope is, that all aspects of our sacred cult named Heavy Metal will last to continue forever.

So let us celebrate the last rites together and keep us in memory for the above mentioned, at least this is all we can hope for. We would like to thank wholeheartedly the following people, bands and zines, who accompanied and supported Necros Christos from the very early beginnings 'til the end: The Imperator, St.Thomas & Sepulchral Voice Rec., Teitanblood, Blacksnake Nadasdy, Martin Chain, Luciferus Christhammer, Black Shepherd, Raelin Iakhu, Grave Miasma, Sven & Ván Rec., Venenum, Drowned, Ascension, Timo Ketola (Deathless In Spiritual Evil, R.I.P. frater), Ronald Zieger and his horrible eyes, Manuel Tinnemans, Antti Litmanen, Negative Plane, Daniel Abecassis, Ekaitz Garmendia, Aechgoat, Theby, Axel F., Axel S., Dead Congregation, Chaos Descends Festival, Party San, Deaf Forever, Rock Hard, Voices From The Darkside, all Fanzines (you are the true pillars of the underground!), and finally yet most important, all our fans worldwide, you are the one and only source of the scene, we hail you forever. Beyond any words, thank you! Amen."

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Posted: 14.02.2021 by Abattoir


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16.02.2021 - 05:39
Tyrannical Hero
Super Normal
Great band since the beginning until the end R.I.P.

Looking forward to the new Sijjin.
Crackhead Megadeth reigns supreme.
21.02.2021 - 22:02
Sentenced Odiin
Written by Tyrannical Hero on 16.02.2021 at 05:39

Great band since the beginning until the end R.I.P.

Looking forward to the new Sijjin.

Yes! After a few spins, it seems I like Sijjin more, than any NC release.
Life has given me much, maybe taken more...

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