Therion - 2nd Edition Of "Therion Goes Classic" In Hungary

After the successful world premiere of Therion´s unforgettable classics-metal concert "Therion goes classic" at Bucharest 2006, Therion come back to celebrate a new marriage of classical music and modern heavy metal:

On 16. 06.2007 Therion play again a full show together with an orchestra, choir and excellent Hungarian opera soloists at the Ice Hall at Miskolc, Hungary. Additionally, Aesma Daeva's vocalist Lori Lewis, who joined Therion for their successful "Gothic Kabbalah" European tour in 2007, will enter the stage as a classical soloist.

The swedish singer Mats Leven, who was one of the soloists for Therion's last two albums (Lemuria/Sirius B and Gothic Kabbalah) and who toured with them since 2004, confirmed his appearance at the festival - one of the last chances to enjoy his charismatic interpretation of Therion' songs.

The concert takes place as a part of the Miskolc International Opera Festival.

The setlist contains "therionized" classical pieces, e.g. Wagner, Mozart and Verdi, and Therion songs with orchestral arrangements, many of them are rarely played at a live gig. It wouldn't be Therion, if they wouldn't have also a great musically surprise for the fans…

Because of the world wide big interest in this exciting concert event, the organisers provide a special service:
Until 08.06.2007 fans can email Therion band members and all participating artists their questions (in english) regarding this concert to:

All answers will be published (in english and hungarian) on
The exact date of publishing the answers will be announced soon.

Fans will find further informations about the concert event and the tickets at:

Therion store:

Miskolc International Opera Festival:

For ticket reservations fans can also mail to:

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Posted: 18.05.2007 by Jeff


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18.05.2007 - 15:28
Account deleted
Therion sucks now, end of story.
18.05.2007 - 16:24
Oh come on, pick up a damn guitar and set up a drum set, and start playing death metal again! This is another one of those bands that uses metal to jump start their career in another genre.
19.05.2007 - 01:11
Whoa...! Let's not forget who started the whole genre of "Symphonic Metal". They also just released "Gothic Kabbalah", a top seller, a band can only release so much new material at a time. Maybe their bored, maybe their trying to increase their fan base or just demonstrating their range of talent....who knows, but one things for sure...they oooze talent...
19.05.2007 - 16:00
Damned right. Yes, we all miss their pre-Lepaca music, but they're still one of the best live bands out there, and their music is phenomenal. Seeing them play Wagner would most likely induce orgasm. Shame it's in Hungary...
20.05.2007 - 07:19
La Luna

''Love is like a Ghost ...Everyone talks about it , but only a few have seen it ''
20.05.2007 - 07:45
Therion needs to go classic in the USA.
22.05.2007 - 05:10
Therion is still 100% awesome, still as awesome as what they ever were. They made a change to there music again like they've been doing all along really, and it sounds fucking awesome to me. Gothic Kabbalah is one of my favorite Therion albums for sure.

They need to go classic in Newfoundland.

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