Mithras - Guitarist Launches Galactic Records

Official Press Release, taken from Galactic Records MySpace Page:

"Founded by Mithras mastermind Leon Macey, Galactic Records launched in late 2006 and brought with it two debut releases from two very different artists: the UK's fastest-rising death metal contenders, Sarpanitum, and Welsh/Swedish atmospheric instrumental hybrid Sepia Dreamer.

"Sarpanitum are an anomaly in the UK death metal scene. Their debut for us, 'Despoilment Of Origin,' is a sophisticated and brutal release, and for such a young band, it's damn impressive!" says Leon of his first signing. "I was a big fan of Sepia Dreamer's first recording, 'Portraits Of Forgotten Memories,' and always believed that with a label brave enough to take the risk with a totally instrumental album they would go down really well with an extreme audience. 'The Sublime' isn't a shoe-gazing affair, but the emotional edge it displays should appeal to many as a welcome break from the barrage of blastbeats most extreme music fans have become accustomed to."

Leon also helped Sepia Dreamer realize "The Sublime" in a recorded format by lending his drumming skills on the album - which manifests itself in a very different style to that which he is used to with his own band Mithras. "It was a real challenge with just four hours available to lay down an album's worth of drumming for a style miles from my comfort zone, but I think it lends itself well to the music," he comments.

Both releases are distributed worldwide via the UK's largest independent music distributor, Plastic Head. Music from both bands can be heard here."

Galactic Records website (under construction atm):

Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 20.07.2007 by Thryce


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20.07.2007 - 21:17
Baz Anderson
this is not new news at all - he hasn't just launched it at all..
the two releases are both very good and have been out quite a while now.
here are reviews for both the albums:


Sepia Dreamer:
21.07.2007 - 15:05
Retired Staff
i must confess that i haven't listened to sarpanitum yet at all, but guys, every single one of you should seriously listen to Sepia Dreamer!!!!

it's one of the best cd's i've heard since a long time, after hearing this cd the band instantly jumped into my top favourites!
BAS - Beautifully Accented Sexiness
22.07.2007 - 23:22
Daru Jericho
Any UK death metal band that stands out is an anomaly in the UK scene. Will have to check both of those bands though at some stage.
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