Manticora - New Keyboardist Announced

Danish metallers Manticora have posted the following announcement on their website:

"After 4 years of searching for a keyboarder that could join the band on the same terms as the rest of the band (not just a session keyboarder), we have finally found the man!! His name is Ronni Clasen, and he is living here in Copenhagen. Ronni is in his late 20'ies, listens to prog and power metal and is extremely talented = he fits Manticora very well, hahaha. Besides, he is a very cool guy to hang around with, so the social aspect is there as well. He has already performed with us at several occasions (Copenhagen, Romania, Germany), and passed the Manticora ritual at our annual X-mas lunch, so we know we have found the right guy for the job. You are welcome to send a big hello to Ronni on our forum. We think he'd appreciate it. Picture and profile will be updated later on, but there should already be some live pictures somewhere on this page.

The Mantidudes"

Band profile: Manticora
Posted: 10.01.2008 by Bararey


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10.01.2008 - 19:21
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
The band seems to be really enthusiastic, it's a good thing. I wish them good continuation.
10.01.2008 - 21:03
Yeah sounds pretty good judging by the band's statement.

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11.01.2008 - 04:44
Excelent, one of my fav bands finally has a stable full lineup. Could be better. Cant wait to hear new material, and to hear them LIVE
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11.01.2008 - 09:53
Jason W.
Great news - I'd really like to hear what sounds and melodies he'll bring to future recordings, since the keyboardist's performance on their 2004 release is one of the important reasons I enjoyed that CD so much.
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11.01.2008 - 21:58
Account deleted
Really great news. Manticora is one of the best "young" bands.
15.01.2008 - 19:29
I hope we'll get to hear some 3 minute guitar-keyboard solo duels again like the last time they had a non-session keyboarder in their lineup.
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07.02.2008 - 06:07
Account deleted
Hello everybody. This is Manticora keyboarder Ronni writing. I thank you all for your interest.
I've been playing with these guys for a year now and it's been great fun since day one.
There's a lot of new material in process right now in the Manticora camp and I'm very exited to be contributing with my ideas in the process of writing.
I was already a fan of Manticora before I got to join the band. Especially the 2004 release "8 Deadly Sins" that dismaleuphony mentioned.
I'd like to think that I've developed "my own sound" although when it comes to playing old Manticora material live, I try to get close to the original sounds you hear on the albums.
On the upcomming album though, I think we're gonna be experimenting with new types of sounds, but still also be using a lot of strings and choir sounds, as they are a significant part of the Manticora "sound". I can hardly wait to get the album done...

Hope to see you guys on the road !,,!

- Ronni

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