Metallica - New Album Bumped Back To September

Stereo Warning has posted this report:

"The release of Metallica's new album has been delayed again, sources from the band's record label told Stereo Warning. The album is now expected to hit the stores in September. Originally Lars Ulrich said it would be out in February, then the release was delayed till April. With the band still in the studio, it was clear that April was not gonna happen. Fans can take comfort in the fact that the last time the band spent this much time in the studio the year was 1991 and the result was the "Black Album". One can only hope for similar results this time! In the meantime, the boys have lined up a few dates for their upcoming European tour this summer."

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Posted: 24.01.2008 by Morbid

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29.01.2008 - 13:00
Written by Marcus on 29.01.2008 at 05:23

Does anyone think they listened to the new track before they played it? I turned it off after a minute, too laughable to be music.

That song on youtube was not completely done (it doesnt have a finalized lyric, the riffs should have take some more time to work on em, ..) at the time when they played it in korea.
the lyric was a mess and ofcourse james couldnt sing well...

all in all, metallica's albumes after ...AJFA are all boring as shit IMO !
Written by Konrad on 10.12.2009 at 22:41

Hey, if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish it...just don't give up.
29.01.2008 - 17:00
Lord of the Mosh
Well, I just found a leaked copy of what is supposed to be the demo / rough version of the new album. I'll have a better opinion after hearing it.

EDIT: It's quite clearly a fake. Sorry folks.
08.02.2008 - 14:59
Diabolic Priest
OMG , why why why why
11.04.2008 - 22:32
Account deleted
Written by Søren on 27.01.2008 at 07:00

So many people seem to think the Black Album was so fucking great, while others view it as the turning point for Metallica. It was neither. Bob Rock ensured that it would never be good, at least not by thrash standards. And the real turning point for Metallica was when they kicked drunken ass Dave Mustaine out of the band and all of his songwriting abilities went with him. Granted, Megadeth has released some questionable material themselves over the years, but the best "original" stuff Metallica ever released was when they were still recording the songs Dave helped write. (Note: I say "original" because, quite honestly, I think the best stuff they've ever recorded is other people's music, a la Breadfan, Am I Evil? etc.) Despite the lack of credits on the sleeve, Dave's influence carried on even into Master of Puppets, as we all know Leper Messiah was "stolen" from a track Dave had originally written called "The Hills Run Red."

All of that aside, there was still hope for Metallica ... until Cliff died. Cliff kept them grounded. Once he was out of the picture, Lars' & James' egos took over and the downfall began. Look at all the work Jason did on the first two Flotsam & Jetsam releases (yes, Jason joined Metallica before NPFD was released, but it still contained quite a bit of material he had written that he told them they could keep - 3 tracks credited, but various riffs and melodies throughout the other tracks as well). Then look at Justice and tell me how many credits does Jason have. One? More to the point, where's the fucking bass on that album?!?! Had Metallica utilized Jason's abilities, there's a fair chance that thrash would have never died. Instead, Metallica chose to stifle an artist, forsake their roots, and lead the way for the music industry to turn it's back on thrash and fully embrace grudge.

Fortunately for us, thrash (old-school style, not this metalcore wannabe crap) is in the midst of a revival.
Unfortunately for Metallica, they will never be a part of that revival.

The "Vulturous demo" sounds like a Misfits clone, minus the talent.
The "New Track" live footage on YouTube showcases nothing with any promise.
Robert Trujillo - from his humble roots in Suicidal Tendencies and over a decade with arguably the most well-known name in heavy metal (courtesy of MTV) among others - will be cast to the side much like Jason was. (Although he will most likely be a better stage presence because he's a relentless Suicyco Maniac.)

All of this can only mean one thing: The new album will suck. Period.

It basicly boils down to one thing, all of you who claim "St. Anger" sucks and Metallica have no talent anymore, blah blah blah ARE NOT Metallica fans! Period. Anger was a musical piece of art. It was different, raw, original and went platinum in it's first month and debuted at #1 in 30 countries around the world! Metallica are still Metallica. They have grown a lot over the last 25 years as people and musicians. They play what they want to play. What they feel. If you don't get it or like it, too bad. They have always been outspoken about 1 thing. They are honest and selfish about their music. They do it for themselves. If other people enjoy it, kewl, if they don't, so what.

Jason Newsted was a pompous ass! I had the displeasure of meetin him once, along with James and Lars and he was the one with the ego. James and Lars were extremely laid back and cool. But Jason was a prick. Held him back? Heh. What could he have brought to the table to begin with? So many of you frown on what Metallica did after the Black Album. Don't you realize it was THEN that Metallica allowed Jason some free artistic reign? When they allowed Jason to give some input we got Load and ReLoad. Jason was the first one to cut all his hair off yet he's the one complaining that Metallica had no hair on the Load album. What a schmuck.

And Rob Trujillo? The man is phenomenal. Metallica are different people than they were during Jason's tenure with the band. Rob will have influence on the music and it will be incredible. I haven't looked this forward to a Metallica album since the late 80's. This new album will be phenomenal! And again anyone who doesn't like Metallica's music (all of it) then you are not Metallica fans. You are metal fans. There's a difference. So in a nut-shell, if you don't like it, then don't fucking listen to it lol. Go listen to the formula metal garbage being spewed out by every so-called "metal" band out these days. The crap that all sounds the same every album those type of bands put out. heh At least Metallica has the balls to play what they feel and give us something new to sink our teeth into each time they release something new. That's what it's supposed to be. Something NEW! Not something old.
13.04.2008 - 18:17
Lord of the Mosh
Written by Guest on 11.04.2008 at 22:32

... If other people enjoy it, kewl, if they don't, so what. ...

You said "kewl" and we're supposed to take you seriously? I think you're on the wrong forum man ... go try Blabbermouth.
18.04.2008 - 10:23
Account deleted
i love u metallica cause still u r hot for ppl!!! cause friends and enemies r talkin about ur new want u to be better and enemies want to see u worse it mean that u r SO IMPORTANT

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