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Kamelot - To Reissue Ghost Opera With Bonus Features

Says in the band in their MySpace bullettin:

"Kamelot will reissue its classic "Ghost Opera" album on March 28 (Germany), March 31 (rest of Europe) and April 8 (USA/Canada) under the title of Ghost Opera - The Second Coming, enhanced with lots of interesting features. The album will be released as a double CD limited edition slipcase design. This sophisticated and comprehensive package includes the CD featuring all the songs from the regular album, plus ten additional live tracks recorded live in Belgrade, Serbia during the band's 2007 World Tour, plus the bonus tracks Season's End, The Pendulous Fall, Epilogue and the remix of Rule the World. Additionally the two videos for The Human Stain and Memento Mori (live) and on top of that, the package features new artwork and a comprehensive booklet."

Ghost Opera - The Second Coming track listing:

CD 1: Ghost Opera
01. Solitaire
02. Rule the World
03. Ghost Opera
04. The Human Stain
05. Blücher
06. Love You to Death
07. Up Through the Ashes
08. Mourning Star
09. Silence of the Darkness
10. Anthem
11. EdenEcho
12. Memento Mori (enhanced video: Live in Belgrade, Serbia)
13. The Human Stain (enhanced video)

CD 2: Live in Belgrade
01. Solitaire
02. Ghost Opera
03. The Human Stain
04. Mourning Star
05. When the Lights Are Down
06. Abandoned
07. The Haunting (with Simone Simons/EPICA)
08. Memento Mori
09. Epilogue
10. March of Mephisto
Studio cuts:
11. Season's End
12. The Pendulous Fall
13. Epilogue
14. Rule the World (remix)

Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 14.02.2008 by +{Jonas}+


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14.02.2008 - 19:52
14.02.2008 - 21:31
Melodeath Master
Exact the same words are written on their official website as well Well, it's great news indeed. Need to get my hands on that one when I see them in May! That copy of the CD and a t-shirt m/ Haha
14.02.2008 - 22:28
Advice Troll
Re-issued already? Somebody is money-whoring here...
And why didn't they include all these in the first Limited Edition?
I got the 1st edition and that's enough for me... I'm not buying this.
Bitch! Please
14.02.2008 - 23:36
who hoo
14.02.2008 - 23:44
I'll buy it.
14.02.2008 - 23:47
Totemic Lust
Why don't they reissue Karma and Epica so they can actually be available in CD stores? I had to order mine offline, imported from Russia...
14.02.2008 - 23:51
Written by timmoe on 14.02.2008 at 23:44

I'll buy it.

I'll download it
15.02.2008 - 05:51
All I care about on that CD is Season's End, which is the only previously unreleased track. Might have to get that from some one on campus or something...

Edit: Apparently it came out in Japan. Why do they get all the good stuff?
15.02.2008 - 12:54
Good thing I didn't buy Ghost Opera before
I am NOT a musician, so I do not judge bands by skill. I judge them on how I like the sound.
15.02.2008 - 13:45
Haha good thing I haven't bought it yet then

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
16.02.2008 - 07:46
Account deleted
This is why I stopped buying music. A few months later they always have to reissue the super deluxe limited edition premium platinum unrated directors cut or what-the-fuck-ever. That said I look forward to pirating this.
26.03.2008 - 14:36
I cant wait till its release!!!!!

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