Farmakon, Distorted - New USA Releases Due Out From Candlelight's Cult Series

Candlelight Records have announced that Tuesday, April 29 is the US release date for new releases from Finland's Farmakon - "Robin", and Israel's Distorted - "Voices From Within". These two new studio efforts coincide with Candlelight's progressing cult series taking otherwise unheard European bands and delivering them across the pond to the good old US of A. This is a specially-priced product line that Candlelight conceived of, to help in introducing up-and-coming international artists to the potential American audiences. The series services artists of various sub-genres and aims towards providing a "fan-base for which the artists can grow and connect." Basically, a clever marketing trick. The good point, however, is the possible marriage of these otherwise unheard of bands to the US audience.

New tracks from both albums by Farmakon and Distorted have been posted on Candlelight USA's MySpace page since April 1!

Tampere-based Farmakon saw the release of their debut album ("A Warm Glimpse", Earache) back in 2003. Quickly making waves through prog metal circles the band make their long-awaited return. The new album "Robin" witnesses the band experimenting with darker sounds and their trademark twists. Released late least year in Europe, US fans now can enjoy "Robin".

Track List for "Robin":

01. Time-Tables
02. Coma September'
03. Sixty-Nine
04. Faint Light
05. Recondite
06. Wings
07. A Temporary Death
08. Helpless
09. Monster
10. Outro

Distorted are a band of keen curiosity. The Bat-Yam quartet's dual-vocal attack is articulated by their precise musicianship and classic metal composition. The band made their first appearance outside their native country October 2007 as part of the Metal Female Voices Festival performing alongside Leaves' Eyes, Epica, After Forever and more. The band will appeal to fans of Within Temptation, Madder Mortem, How Like A Winter, The Foreshadowing and more.

Track List for "Voices From Within":

01. One Last Breath
02. What Remains
03. Voices From Within
04. Fading
05. A Soft Whisper
06. Reveal My Path
07. Escaping The Mind-Grid
08. Obscure
09. Theom
10. Consistent Duality
11. Letting Go

Candlelight Cult series includes release from Furze, Mithras, Pantheon-I (featuring members of 1349), Throne Of Katarsis, and others.

Band profile: Farmakon
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