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Iced Earth have posted audio clips from all four songs appearing on the band's forthcoming single, "I Walk Among You" at the band's official MySpace page. The single marks longtime frontman Matt Barlow's triumphant return to the band, and is sure to leave people yearning for more. "I Walk Among You" will precede the band's forthcoming full-length follow-up to "Framing Armageddon - Something Wicked Part I" in the Fall of 2008.

The tracklisting and release dates for "I Walk Among You" are as follow:

01. I Walk Alone
02. Setian Massacre
03. The Clouding
04. A Charge to Keep (exclusive iTunes track)

Germany : June 13, 2008
Europe : June 16, 2008
USA/Canada : June 17, 2008

Iced Earth kick-off a heavy dose of touring in 2008 on May 2 when they headline Chicago Powerfest in Mokena, Illinois.

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Posted: 06.04.2008 by CyGuy6587


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06.04.2008 - 02:09
Eh, these songs really don't take advantage of Barlow's voice at all. Sounds very similar to Owens, maybe even slightly worse.
06.04.2008 - 11:11
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06.04.2008 - 11:18
Goddamnit just hearing his voice again makes it better. Way to go, welcome back Iced Earth I'm eargerly waiting for this second part.
06.04.2008 - 11:19
Paleblood Hunter
Well, they are only samples, but they aren't anything special. I guess I'm just not as big a Barlow fan as everyone else and more partial to Tim Owens. Bring on the new Beyond Fear!
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06.04.2008 - 12:13
Written by WorpeX on 06.04.2008 at 02:09

Eh, these songs really don't take advantage of Barlow's voice at all. Sounds very similar to Owens, maybe even slightly worse.

agreed, those songs are definately written for Owens and are better suited for him, it especially shows in "Setian Massacre"
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06.04.2008 - 12:53
I'd love to hear new album, these samples are to short to say anything, but cool to listen to new IE with M.Barlow once again like some years ago
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06.04.2008 - 14:11
Lone wanderer
Barlow is OK, but the music is boring as shit IMO. Thats not Iced Earth Im used to...
If they rae only to make those slow-ass boring songs in the future, tan it really doesnt matter who's voice we hear behind it....
06.04.2008 - 20:30
It fills so good to hear matts song again!
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07.04.2008 - 05:26
Wow, those songs really do sound better with Ripper. I thought it was bullshit when Jon said he wrote the music with the vocalists' style in mind, but I guess it's true.
07.04.2008 - 16:59
Compared to Tim's vocals, his are a little better...Glad he's back
08.04.2008 - 00:06
Great to hear Barlow again, Yes the songs were written for Tims vocals but barlows dark voice can make every iced earth song sound like heaven! The real Iced Earth is back. Cant wait for the next album.
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