As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis will see the debut album, "Total Brutal", from his new side-project, Austrian Death Machine, released on July 22nd in North America through Metal Blade Records. The album will be available on July 25th (Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy) / July 28th rest of Europe. The first single from the "Total Brutal" album, "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It", is now available at the band's MySpace page.

The track features the voice of Ahhnold as Dutch from the movie Predator screaming back and forth with the Predator himself. Comments main-man Tim Lambesis: "In the first verse Ahhnold is talking trash about how he's going to take Predator down, but in the second verse Predator comes back spittin' his evil game. This is the classic struggle of good and evil but with way bigger muscles and more brutal double bass. In fact, I think it's the breakdown about 1/2 way through the song that crushes Predator's evil once and for all".

Here's what frontman Ahhnold had to say about the band's first single: "Most bands put all of their good songs first. Instead I decided to release track 15 first to prove that this album is Total Brutal from start to finish. If you like this song, then get ready for 17 tracks of punishing brutality when the CD finally hits.... or when I hit you in the face for not buying it. Whichever happens first, at least we know things only get better from here."

Austrian Death Machine's "Total Brutal" tracklisting:

01. Hello California
02. Get To The Choppa
03. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
04. All Of The Songs Sound The Same
05. I Am A Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton
06. Come With Me If You Want To Live
07. What It's like To Be A Singer At Band Practice
08. Who Is Your Daddy, And What Does He Do?
09. You Have Just Been Erased
10. Broo-Tall Song Idea
11. Here Is Subzero, Now Plain Zero
12. So Far, So Good, So Let's Talk About It
13. Screw You (Benny)
14. Why?
15. If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It
16. It's Not A Tumor
17. Not So Hidden Track

Get pumped and check out All info about the album here.

Posted: 07.06.2008 by Thryce


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Lord TJ - 07.06.2008 at 14:23  
I checked out their songs "If it bleeds, we can kill it" and its a pretty corny song in my opinion. Thats the only full length song they had on their myspace.
Thryce - 07.06.2008 at 14:32  
Can't help it, but I really like that song. Just wanted to share it with the rest of you.
Will definitely be checking out this album!!
destroyah - 07.06.2008 at 15:23  
Uh, is this band serious? Haven't listened to it yet, but everything about it reeks Arnie-ness
Stalker - 07.06.2008 at 15:26  
Pfff... god damn, what can fall upon mans mind....
Well, music seems like fairly listenable Thrash metal... and the lyrics... No comment
Plaguebearer - 07.06.2008 at 15:34  
that songs fuckin stupid
Clintagräm - 07.06.2008 at 20:37  
Well, I guess you could say it would be mildly fun live. It's sure to get some sceney weenies dancing through.
dancingdecember - 07.06.2008 at 22:45  
HAHAHA its arnie at the cover great name and song titles

Terminator FTW !!
Dane Train - 08.06.2008 at 02:00  
Wow, I am so getting this album. It sound like it will be a lot of fun. We don't have enough fun Metal albums.
Lucas - 08.06.2008 at 02:04  
Written by Dane Train on 08.06.2008 at 02:00

Wow, I am so getting this album. It sound like it will be a lot of fun. We don't have enough fun Metal albums.

fun + metal = not krieg
Dane Train - 08.06.2008 at 06:40  
Written by Lucas on 08.06.2008 at 02:04

Written by Dane Train on 08.06.2008 at 02:00

Wow, I am so getting this album. It sound like it will be a lot of fun. We don't have enough fun Metal albums.

fun + metal = not krieg

Well not all of us are interested in being krieg, or grim, or necro, or tr00, or whatever else
CrypticMyth - 08.06.2008 at 09:30  
That artwork looks cool.
Rozz - 08.06.2008 at 09:51  
BAHAHA ARNIE! he is soo metal
YoreLore - 08.06.2008 at 13:00  
Funny track names, shit music of course.
Introspekrieg - 09.06.2008 at 07:01  
Definitely not krieg...

but good clean fun! What a hilarious accent!
Kaamos - 09.06.2008 at 08:20  
Great concept. Done before though, by Goretorture.

Written by Introspekrieg on 09.06.2008 at 07:01

Definitely not krieg...

How is Ahnold not Krieg?
Introspekrieg - 09.06.2008 at 10:41  
Written by Guest on 09.06.2008 at 08:20

How is Ahnold not Krieg?
Thought. - 09.06.2008 at 10:58  
lets get this right: everything about this band is a joke. ok, so its like black metal. this could be very good. I gave the song a listen, and aside from the weakest vocals, it was a fun listen. Maybe if the vocalist uses death metal growls instead of hardcore screams, i'd like it.
Lord TJ - 09.06.2008 at 14:32  
I was looking at the pictures of this band on their myspace, does the frontman get a stiffy for Arnold or something? Seriously, Im surprised theres not a news bit of Arnold filing a lawsuit over this. I don't know what he could sew for, but im sure theres something because of how much he is used!
DrunkenFuck - 09.06.2008 at 18:24  
This is like the heavy metal version of Serious Sam? Sweet. Don't care much for the hardcore vocals though.
Blood For Cowboy - 11.06.2008 at 19:20  
Funny dumb stuff, have heard about 5 songs but theres nothing good 1 song maybe listenable
Rituale_Satanum - 11.06.2008 at 20:15  
sounds funny...GOOO AHHHHRNOLD!!!
Jimmy Wang Yang - 29.07.2008 at 18:16  
Is this an expansion of that ArnoCorps band?

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