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Darzamat - Upcoming Album Title Revealed

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Darzamat reveals the details concerning the new album, which will be entitled "Solfernus' Path". The band has just started writting the songs for the album.

"For the first time in our band's history we've decided to create a concept album. It is a certain sort of novelty for us, yet we've had such an idea in our minds for a long time now. The coherent story which is to be told by both the lyrics and the music, is a hell of a greater challenge than composing ten pieces in the similar stylistics. As the action proceeds, the music must "react" accordingly and suitably. It is as if a screenplay, which is to attract the viewer in an interesting way," tells Flauros, the vocalist of Darzamat.

"The story contained on the record takes place in a mysthical set, indeed, which is created by the mansion of countess Josephine von Kuchmeister, the inspiration for which was the Villa Caro in Gliwice and the palace in Pławniowice. The action of "Solfernus' Path" takes place at the beginning of XXth century. - The main character is a medicine student who undergoes a spiritual transformation. He goes beyond the carnal world and he notices the "other side". Everything is dressed in fairy-like climate, full of the occult "keys". Nothing is obvious, nothing here is predictable," says the vocalist.

"The title Solfernus is of course not the main character of the story, but it's eminence grise. The character of Solfernus derives from the play " Dalliance with Devil" written by the Czech dramatist Jan Drda. It is only a tiny inspiration, an impulse where one should not seek any similarities. Drda's play is grotesque and humorous, while our story is of a completely different character, much closer to Stefan Grabiński's horror short stories than to the ones of the Czech playwright," emphazises Flauros.

"The band announces an extraordinary product. The best record in [the] band's history? I do not like this platitude, but I can say that it will undoubtedly be the best done album in our whole discography. Here we took care of each and every detail as never before. I'm talking here about the musical, arrangement as well as visual aspects. I'm convinced that after familiarizing oneselves with the contents of "Solfernus' Path," the fans'll state it was worth waiting that long for the album."

"One more time the Darzamat's record will also be produced beyond the Polish borders. However, this time it will not be Andy La Rocque from King Diamond who'll sit at the mixing table, which was the case while working on "Transkarpatia". - We became friends with Andy, as he's not only a great producer and guitar player, but the increadible man as well. All I can say now is that also this time he'll have something in common with our album. As far as the production is concerned, we wanted to try something new. We're convinced that we'll hit the spot! However, we'll say something about the details of our work in the studio when the time is right," ends Flauros.

What's already known are the titles of the pieces that will appear on the new band's publishing. "Solfernus' Path" will contain the following songs:

False Sleepwalker
Vote for Heresy
Final Conjuration
Pain Collector
Gloria Inferni
Solfernus' Path
Lunar Silhouette
King of Burning Anthems
A Mesmeric Seance

Other details concerning "Solfernus' Path" coming soon.

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Posted: 14.08.2008 by dismaleuphony


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Jason W.
"Transkarpatia" is still a favorite of mine to play, and the concepts and production levels of the next album sound like they at least will equal that release... Definitely one of my albums to look out for in the coming months!
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

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