The annual Danish Metal Awards were held tonight, November 15th. The winners of those Danish Metal Awards 2008 were officially announced at a spectacular event in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Metal Album of the Year: Volbeat: Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
  • Metal Debut of the Year: Scamp: Mirror Faced Mentality
  • International Metal Album of the Year: Metallica: Death Magnetic
  • Metal Production of the Year: Volbeat/Jacob Hansen: Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
  • Metal Cover of the Year: Last Mile/Christof Kather: Last Mile
  • Metal Video of the Year: Pilgrimz/Andreas Krohn: "Shake-a-Feather"
  • Metal Talent of the Year: Crocell: Promo 2008
  • Live Band of the Year: The Burning

The Arcane Order, Svartsot, A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light and Dawn Of Demise played abbreviated sets at the event.

For a complete list of nominees, go to this location.

Posted: 16.11.2008 by Thryce


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corrupt - 16.11.2008 at 01:55  
Did I miss Volbeat being Metal?
Harlequin - 16.11.2008 at 02:01  
Wtf is this?
-DC-002- - 16.11.2008 at 02:02  
Biggest FAIL of recent memory..... The Danish "Metal" Awards
Pétur - 16.11.2008 at 02:09  
This makes baby Jesus cry.
corrupt - 16.11.2008 at 02:24  
How can the latest Volbeat be in any way even remotely as good as The Architect Of Lies? This also makes me cry!
Murder - 16.11.2008 at 03:19  
WTF is this???????''

Spyroid - 16.11.2008 at 03:40  
Awards are always jokes. A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light kicks ass live though! I actually met him after a Mike Patton show... ehm... nevermind.
amarchand - 16.11.2008 at 04:09  
Not gonna lie, this is fucking pathetic lol
Slyfang - 16.11.2008 at 05:42  
Black Conundrum - 16.11.2008 at 06:15  
Eh, I don't really care much for award shows.
skrätte - 16.11.2008 at 07:22  
Death Magnetic beat Watershed for Best International Album?

Slipknot was nominated for Best International Metal Album?

That category, alone, is full of fail.
Murder - 16.11.2008 at 08:09  
Metallica beats Testament O.o wtf!!!!!

Artillery in this "awards!" O________O

wow... I don't know what to say...
Bad English - 16.11.2008 at 10:39  
I dont like and more hate those bands in avards how like ...
Elio - 16.11.2008 at 10:49  
LeChron James - 16.11.2008 at 11:37  
LOLZ JOKE! Metallica won for best Int'l album, i cannot take this seriously in the least.
GT - 16.11.2008 at 11:39  
The Danish Metal Awards have always been a joke. They always go for the well known bands and normally doesn't even nominate great bands
benvolent - 16.11.2008 at 12:19  
That's just hilarious! But, well, there needs to be some pathetic background, when they give Volbeat a prize!!
symphony theater - 16.11.2008 at 15:26  
There are some bands that i dont even know them.
Angel_Lament - 16.11.2008 at 15:26  
What the hell is this???!!!
Who are these bands??? and who is Volbeat????!!!
schwanderen - 16.11.2008 at 19:14  
As a dane i'm horribly ashamed of the nominees at the danish "metal" awards. But it must be seen in the light that "metal" has become fashionable in Denmark. Bands like tokyo hotel, volbeat and Nightwish are featured on the radio as well on tv frequently. It's my oppinion that the awards arent arranged by dedicated metal fans, but people trying to make a profit on a hype.
It's truly sad, and i hope, that with this post that people on the dedicated metalstorm website wont believe the danish metal culture to be this plain:).
DoomGuard - 16.11.2008 at 21:23  
Fail...all i have to
DrunkenFuck - 16.11.2008 at 21:39  
All these bands are fucking hardcore bands. It makes no sense.

I'm from Denmark, the scene has been like this for years... It's sickening.
Rupert - 16.11.2008 at 21:54  
Shouldn't Textures be in there somewhere? Jeez.
Rupert - 16.11.2008 at 22:01  
My bad I read Dutch
MourningPalace - 17.11.2008 at 15:29  
DragonWisdom - 17.11.2008 at 19:50  
WOW... no mention of Pyramaze at all... that sucks... Mercenary should have won it all
RhaegarTargaryen - 17.11.2008 at 20:23  
Pyramaze ? Mercenary ? Manticora ? Mnemic ? Raunchy ? WTF

Ok I guess this is same like MTV metal awards.. metal for the 'people' lol.
benvolent - 17.11.2008 at 20:30  
Written by Angel_Lament on 16.11.2008 at 15:26

What the hell is this???!!!
Who are these bands??? and who is Volbeat????!!!

Well, if you don't know them, check them out! That's pop-metal, but nevertheless it's well made and funny. The guys are a stagewonder imo and the voice of Micheal Poulsen is pure Elvis! Don't know the new album yet, but their best is probably 'Rock the rebelMetal the devil'. Good music, nearly no seriousity.. these awards: don't take them serious!
iaberis - 17.11.2008 at 21:11  
Lame to the bone...
BurbotsRevenge - 18.11.2008 at 05:44  

why do they even bother

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