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Theatre Of Tragedy - Working On New Album, Demo Samples Available

Theatre Of Tragedy have updated their website with the following news:

"Another year has passed and not much has happened publically with the band. Rest assured we haven´t just been lazy (well a bit of that too :-). The year has mainly been spent writing and rehearsing the new material for the upcoming 7th Theatre Of Tragedy album. So far 12 songs are done and 10 of those will make it to the album.
As usual we are nowhere near a title for the album, not even a songtitle is ready, but it will come.

The drums have been recorded together with a really nice guy called Alexander Nyhus and now we are waiting for our producer to finish up his current project with some elderly pop legends. Recordings are planned for February and March so a release date should be either June or August depending on what AFM Records want to do.
Erik Ljunggren will be handling the production side of things. We are very pleased about working with him again. He knows the band very well and is a wizard when it comes to sound. He has turned the knobs for The Kovenant, Kari Rueslåtten, A-Ha, Seigmen, Zeromancer, Satyricon. But for us he will alway be the mastermind of the legendary industrial metal band Vampire State Building. We even played support for VSB in our early beginnings of 1995. Time goes by fast.

As the year reaches an end we want to wish you all a nice christmas, or whatever you celebrate, and a happy new year. Here are two new demo clips for all of you to enjoy over the holidays!"

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Posted: 16.12.2008 by ArtiA


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16.12.2008 - 16:04
Nice, for some time I've been wondering what they've been up to. I just recently realised how amazing an album Storm is so my hopes are pretty high for whatever the next album will be called. The samples are a bit too short to tell anything about it but they sound good enough, especially the first one.
16.12.2008 - 16:28
Mr. Doctor
Very good news. I don't think I have high expectations... But I still ahve some faith that this guys will do something better than Storm [that was a good but weak album...]

Do your best TOT!
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29
Like you could kiss my ass
Written by Milena on 20.06.2012 at 10:49
Rod, let me love you.
16.12.2008 - 18:16
That's positive news to hear they're finally up to something again....the samples don't sound as good as "Aegis" unfortunately enough but it's clearly decent material coming there....I hope it'll be a step forward from "Storm"...
Go ahead, make my day...
17.12.2008 - 01:05
Black Conundrum
This is good news.
17.12.2008 - 14:05
Hope They will go back to the Gothic Not The Industrial thing
17.12.2008 - 14:33
Angel of Lust
Nice! Storm was a good improvement, so I've got hopes for the new album...

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft
18.12.2008 - 10:33
Jason W.
"Storm" was okay, but mostly forgettable for me... But the new demos sound more interesting, particularly the second one. I'll be checking out the new material when it's more polished of course. The band has come up with so many interesting ideas over the years I'm hopeful "Storm" was just a starting point for something memorable.
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19.12.2008 - 11:17
I rather liked what I heard on the samples, even if they aren't much. Storm wasn't bad, but like most people I'll be hoping for an improvement - which they should certainly be able to manage.

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