Kreator - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Kreator's brand new full-length album "Hordes Of Chaos" is now available for full streaming in its entirety on the MTV Germany website.

The twelfth Kreator studio album will be released in Europe on January 19, 2009 via SPV Records (except in Germany, on January 16) and today in USA (January 13).

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Posted: 13.01.2009 by Thryce


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13.01.2009 - 16:30
With a lowercase c
Not only is half my city plastered with roadsigns for their new album sponsored by a local mp3 webstore, now even MTV want their share. Wherever there's money, right?

But still a good way to listen to the new tracks before buying the album.

13.01.2009 - 19:22
2009 starts great, amazing album!!
One Pound Of Flesh, No More No Less, No Cartilage, No Bones, But Only Flesh...
13.01.2009 - 19:37
Let's hear it.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
13.01.2009 - 19:48
The intro kicks so much ass.
13.01.2009 - 23:10
The whole album is so disappointing Also, the whole album leaked already a few months ago.
13.01.2009 - 23:46
Cannot be compared to their past albums.
I do not look for old stuff.. I love it when bands come with innovations.
However, listening carefully to the album you can notice that it consists of many old riffs which they used in many different albums. Not that bad reminding us of the old school Kreator, but they could at least make it sound better.
They sound mostly like NU-Thrash which, in my opinion, is a noise without any thought or feeling behind it. They could have done better if they developed the themes of the songs and other riffs in general.

But hey! There are many good things over there as well!
Not everything is boring...

In short, I would say that this album is a nice mixing of their old things with some NU approach.
13.01.2009 - 23:55
Alright....ofcourse you can all have your own oppinion on this. But i will give you mine. I have this "leaked" version for months on my pc....ive listened it like thousand times. Dont go tell me that its without any feeling or thought about it. Its full of emotion! it Raw and Real. What about the emotion "anger, hate and pain". Thats true Kreator. And in my eyes better then some older albums. Its clearly more innovative, its more melodic then before but still raw enough to be Thrash like it should be!

I love it and cant wait to see them live
"So you children of the world, listen to what I say
If you want a better place to live in spread the words today
Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave
Or you children of today are Children of the Grave."
14.01.2009 - 05:43
Lol i downloaded the leak of it a month ago

and i have to say, byfar the best fucking thrash album on the fucking planet. EVER.
14.01.2009 - 05:54
I'm still going to buy this album. I don't care about the mixed reviews. I need a new Thrash album
14.01.2009 - 13:45
Koen Smits
I was very very surprised when I saw their new album on Saterday 10th in a free record shop!!
The release dates where later!
I saw it, but someone stood before me and I hoped he didn't notice it.
Off course he noticed it, damn! He took the best Trash album of 2009 in hand and there I stood...
Well, I'll buy it in the very near future and I'm glad for that dude.
Still wondering wtf that album was so early in that shop
RIP: Frank Vandenbroucke (6 nov 1974 - 12 oct 2009)

Written by Bad English on 05.04.2014 at 15:05

but spoil thius film is like spoil porn and say porn ends whit cum shot ...
14.01.2009 - 15:42
Written by -DC-002- on 14.01.2009 at 05:54

I'm still going to buy this album. I don't care about the mixed reviews. I need a new Thrash album

Wait for the new Slayer then
14.01.2009 - 18:28
I have downloaded it the 2nd day it was online

And listened to it very carefully...

Perhaps I require more "emotions" in music.

And another thing - I didn't say it was bad. They still have their old style ("Hate Anger Pain") but it's not a kick-ass album - Just another good album.
16.01.2009 - 06:21
Written by Holy_Diver on 13.01.2009 at 23:10

The whole album is so disappointing Also, the whole album leaked already a few months ago.

that may ba cause trash metal good days where back on the 90´s

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