Blackguard - Sign With Nuclear Blast

Canadian folk/black metal band Blackguard, which until recently was known as Profugus Mortis, has won Nuclear Blast's Myspace contest which earned them a worldwide record deal with the label.

Says Blackguard vocalist Paul Zinay:
"We're all ecstatic to find out that we were chosen by Nuclear Blast as their contest winners . To be able to work with such a prestigious label is an honour and a privilege. As we head into 2009 we're all confident that this is going to be a huge year for us and with Nuclear Blast behind us there's no reason why it shouldn't "

Jaap Wagemaker of Nuclear Blast commented:
"When we decided to organize a MySpace Contest where up and coming (unsigned) bands could win a record deal with Nuclear Blast, we never expected that we would receive almost 3000 entries to check out over the 5 months of this competition! We want to thank all the bands that have participated on this contest trying to fullfill their dreams for a record deal! After listening to all the almost 3000 bands and making a final selection, we have found a winner!! Nuclear Blast is really proud to announce the signing of a very young and talented new band from Canada - BLACKGUARD!!! I am sure you have seen the name online already as they are booked on the Paganfest in the US!! The band has already finished recording their debut album "Profugus Mortis"! The album will be out March 20th and I can promise you this will appeal to all fans of bands like WINTERSUN, ENSIFERUM and KORPIKLAANI but with more brutal vocals! The musicianship is outstanding! Needless to say that we are very proud to have found this diamond in the rough!! BLACKGUARD will be one of the most important bands for Nuclear Blast in 2009 and beyond!"

In April and May Blackguard will be on a tour through Canada and the USA as part of the Paganfest package also featuring Korpiklaani, Eluveitie, Primordial, Moonsorrow and Swashbuckle.

Band profile: Blackguard
Event: Paganfest N. America Tour
Posted: 17.01.2009 by Promonex


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17.01.2009 - 17:02
Demonic Tutor
The Enemy Within
Excellent! I really like their debut album, when they were still named Profugus Mortis (that I reviewed)
17.01.2009 - 20:34
Elodie Artour
Hmm... I'm looking forward to hearing their debut album! Hope it's gonna be a good one.
Speak up dear 'cause I cannot hear you...
17.01.2009 - 22:32
Elodie, their debut album went out in 2007... XD It's called "...So it begins" and is a really good one =)

And they are a band from Quebec =D
17.01.2009 - 22:46
Black Conundrum
Excellent. I recently heard this band for the first time; I heard their song In Time. That was a pretty good song. Well, it sure seems that Blackguard deserved this honor. Nuclear Blast is a great label.
18.01.2009 - 01:19
Burning Winter
Written by RiouxMax on 17.01.2009 at 22:32

Elodie, their debut album went out in 2007... XD It's called "...So it begins" and is a really good one =)

And they are a band from Quebec =D

She's talking about their debut album as Blackguard...

Bue it's hard to tell... This is not really a first album...:D
We just have one life... SO LISTEN TO METAL!!!!
18.01.2009 - 01:46
Nice to see them doing well
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18.01.2009 - 09:20
Wow, I knew that was coming! Awesome guys, awesome!
18.01.2009 - 19:52
Profugus Mortis was the name they started with. They changed it to Blackguard to avoid copyright problems in the future.
21.01.2009 - 04:38
Arcesse Eum
I saw these guys (and gals) a ton of times, once was in a parking lot in my hometown... and like 10 people showed up. I really didn't expect them to ever make it big since their music is really plain... guess i was wrong.
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