Cadaver Pulled The Plug

The Norwegian band Cadaver called it a day after 15 years. They already stopped playing back in '93, after they released thei first death metal record Hallucinating Anxiety (was an underground classic, selling 10.000 copies) and ...In Pains (sold 25.000 copies). The breakup was in because '93 was the year that Norwegian black metal overshadowed everything else in the Norwegian underground. The band could not agree on where to go next. In '99 they returned under the name Cadaver Inc. (they promoted the album with the cybershop where customers could buy alibis for murder) and released the record Discipline early 2001. They then resumed playing under their original name, Cadaver, and released their last album Necrosis in 2004.

"We would like to thank our fans for all these years and all the people who supported us. Thank you all!!!! Anders Odden, Carl-Michael Eide, Lasse Johansen and Ole Jørgen Moe."

Band profile: Cadaver
Posted: 08.09.2004 by Metal_Head

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