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Newly signed on Nuclear blast, Montreal's juggernauts Augury are finally releasing their new album ''Fragmentary Evidence'' on july 17th in Europe, and August 11th in North America.

With their new album completed and a major record deal, they are bound to firmly set foot on the international scene with their brand of Death/Black/Progressive insanity. Prepare to be crushed by the cosmic storm this summer.

"Fragmentary Evidence" is produced by Hugues Deslauriers, Yannick St-Amand and Augury. Mixed by J-F Dagenais and mastered by James Murphy. Artwork and Layout by Sven de Calluwé.

Track listing:

01. Aetheral (4:18)
02. Simian Cattle (5:38)
03. Orphans Of Living (5:10)
04. Jupiter To Ignite (8:24)
05. Sovereigns Unknown (5:13)
06. Skyless (6:30)
07. Faith Puppeteers (4:07)
08. Brimstone Landscapes (4:30)
09. Oversee The Rebirth (11:12)

Featuring guest vocals of Sven de Calluwé (Aborted, System Divide), Syriak and Leilindel (Unexpect), Youri Raymond (Cryptopsy, Unhuman), Sébastien Croteau (Necrotic Mutation), Filip Ivanovic (Agony), Eric Fiset (Obscene Crisis, Nervous Impulse).

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Posted: 02.05.2009 by ArtiA


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02.05.2009 - 15:10
Eternal Flames
This is great. I knew these guys had an upcoming album, but I didn't realise it was so close to being released.

Can't wait to hear this, especially having seen that vast array of guest vocalists now, particularly the Unexpect vocalists.
02.05.2009 - 17:37
Urban Monster
Yeah i've seen the artwork a week ago or so, i have the feeling the album will be huge. The release date in NA is on my birthday haha.

EDIT - In the news posted on their myspace they have a video of Forest (bassist) jamming on one of their new songs Simian Castle, with a fretless bass... loving the sound. The song can easily be compared to Cynic's Focus, this will destroy.
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02.05.2009 - 22:14
Black Conundrum
The album cover is awesome. I appreciate how the songs' lengths are next to the titles in this news, since that usually doesn't happen and I'm kind of obsessed with song lengths. This band seems worth checking out, since the bassist was once a session member for Quo Vadis and a former drummer is in Negativa and formerly Neuraxis.
03.05.2009 - 08:56
A staff guy...
Fukng sweet! i cant wait for the new album! i was so glad to see that Augury got signed by NB, i sent several myspace messages to NB long before they got signed telling them to sign Augury so i was very pleased when they finally did. of course i have no idea if my messages helped at all and i doubt ill ever find out but its still nice to see them getting their much deserved attention.
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