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The first details about a new Nightwish album are surfacing. In a recent interview, keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen revealed he already wrote three new songs for the new album, including a 3min30 instrumental interlude. In the same interview, Tuomas said the new album will be will be his way to realise his biggest dream since he plays music:

"First of all when it comes to music and Nightwish I have a huge dream and we are doing everything we can to fulfill it on the next album. I am going to be a bit mystical here because I can't reveal to you anymore but there is going to be a big twist so to say, on the next album. I just hope we can realize that because it is going to be the all time dream come true if we can pull it off. It is going to take alot of time, effort, work, and money. We will see what happens, I am really looking forward to it."

The new album will be released by the end of 2010.

In other news, you can watch a full Nightwish live show, from the Exit Festival 2008, by clicking here.

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Posted: 15.06.2009 by Ruudz

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16.06.2009 - 13:29
Written by Uirapuru on 16.06.2009 at 10:50

Why announce so early?...

It is not officialy announced. It's just an interview.
the riddle wants to be...
16.06.2009 - 13:50
The Summoner
Written by Marcellus Krowe on 16.06.2009 at 02:26

I'm very excited for this. I wonder what the twist is going to be. Are they going to be working with the London Symphony Orchestra?

I got to meet Toumas on their last tour. Really intelligent guy, really down to earth. Super nice.

I was wearing a Finntroll t-shirt at the time, and I asked him if he knew why Finntroll canned their lead singer, where he replied "I don't know, but that seems to be a growing trend now-a-days"

The look on everyone's face was priceless.

that really is priceless! He'd know exactly why considering the guy sang on Oceanborn! They'd be old friends.
16.06.2009 - 13:52
The Summoner
Oceanborn II perhaps ??
16.06.2009 - 20:46
The Shape 1973
Written by bananajerk2016 on 16.06.2009 at 05:42

Okay, so Tuomas said the new album would take a lot of time, effort, work, and money to produce.

How could this possibly be an acoustic album then? If anything, it seems an acoustic album would be a helluva lot cheaper than using an orchestra, vocal mixes, and amps, and guitar techs, and drum techs, etc.

Having said that, you have to ask yourself, "what the hell takes a lot of time, effort, work, and money?"

My answer: I think Tuomas is planning a full blown rock opera like The Wall or Tommy. That would explain the unreasonably distant release date. Also, can you imagine how much a tour of that would cost? To act all that shit out and stuff? They would have to pay for actors, maybe props,
whatever else... That's just my opinion.

I trust Tuomas' work ethic. Whatever it is, for that amount of waiting time, it better give me the biggest eargasm I've ever had.

From all of the guesses on this thread I think that this is the closest, i've been thinking about this all day and came up with the same conclusion, can't wait if this is correct. Imagine what this would be like live.
That's the Dukes Of Hazzard fucked then
17.06.2009 - 07:55
Damn the end of 2010 is a long ways away but I look forward to hearing the new album. I'm also very eager to know what this "twist" is Hopefully it's for the better
17.06.2009 - 12:33
2010??? Thats too long, hope it will worth waiting from what he said about his dream fulfill....
18.06.2009 - 01:57
Hope Tarja gets back will the end of 2010.
I listen to metal before you were even born...
22.06.2009 - 22:56
Its a time to wait but im think the new album wil be fantastic:) nightwish have never made a "bad" album and im dont think this is going to be the first;D long time to wait but i think its worth waiting:lol:
23.06.2009 - 01:16
Already dead
Account deleted
Omg.. we have to wait..
13.07.2009 - 01:22
The Night Wisher
Okay , that's enough Nw is my very best band ever , and Anette is Tuomas's choice he wanted her to be the lead singer , it's not her fault taking songs that doesn't go with her vocals , on the contrary she's a hard working singer trying to do her best and to take bad words from some ASSHOLES who don't have anything than saying Tarja Tarja , okay if you like Tarja she's her solo album go and buy it and don't ever listen to Nightwish ,,,
16.07.2009 - 14:52
Heaven Knight
Written by H-metal on 18.06.2009 at 01:57

Hope Tarja gets back will the end of 2010.

she is walking alone, so...
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep

25.10.2009 - 13:54
For some reason, this made me think of a live orchestra and choir. i hope that my thoughts are correct...
19.11.2009 - 09:07
Freddie Medina
Damn, so looooong away
19.11.2009 - 22:53
Wonder what Tuomas means by "twist?" Well, whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be an amazing aural experience. Can't wait for the new album, whenever it comes out! I know it'll be well worth the wait.
17.01.2010 - 21:45
Elodie Artour
I can't wait to hear it, too! Ever since I read those news I've been wondering how the new songs would sound like. I also hope that they will be suitable to Anette's voice.
Speak up dear 'cause I cannot hear you...
21.02.2010 - 17:34
It's koooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:dpopcorn:

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