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If you promote a band, always include its name in the topic title. Also, no need for screaming titles, such as 'The heaviest grindcore band in the world!!!'. In fact, band name, genre and country would be quite enough.

Please, use only one thread - if you have any news or updates, just dig up your old thread and post there.
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Galactic Tactic 1
The Fërtility Cült - if you dig stoner-fuzz-psych 1
ATTENTION Extreme metal bands~ 1
Antologija (Serbia) 4
Website up to date. 5
Odosha - New demo 2008 called "Suramerica Aborigen " 2
My extreme Metal radio show~ Diabolus Templum 1
Bitter Dawn Review On Clods Of Sodom 1
Ashes To Wind 1
Abyme 1
Ennorath 1
Rhûngil 4
Abysmalia : "Portals to Psychotic Inertia" (progressive "thrash") 9
+5 To Strength 16
Wrath Is Evergreen - Experimental doom/black metal (Estonia) 3
Bucharest, Romania-Judas Priest tribute band 2
Two very Cheap Black Metal Distro's 10
Sound Of Metal . se - Competition 1
Máni-Black metal with some folk elements 11
Todesfaust - East Of Eden - Free demo with extra track 7
Arondight 1
The Disciples of Zoldon - New Album - 'Blackened Theological Tome' 17
New Begrime Exemious Songs 3
Breaking Wheel CD for sale 1
Beyond Good And Evil 4
My graphics and photos... 39
Sound Storm - epic power metal 10
Requia - Melodic/Power Metal from Boston, MA 7
Apothys - Blackend Progressive Death Metal 8