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Posted by , 17.05.2006 - 06:10
Currently listening to the album Nattfödd; and aren't these guys great?

Finntroll are a Finnish band with vocals in Swedish; they combine metal and traditional Finnish humppa (polka). Their lyrics are generally about trolls and trollish activities--such as beer-drinking and casual violence, like massacring Christians.

The band has gone through quite a few trials, among them, the guitarist Somnium either falling or jumping off of a bridge and meeting his death, and the original vocalist Katla's early retirement due to a tumor in his throat which rendered him unable to sing. Recently, Wilska, the vocalist who followed in Katla's footsteps, has been fired from the band, and a Mathias Lillmåns hired in his place.

Anyway, let further Finntroll discussion begin!
14.08.2013 - 04:10
I like the new Finntroll, they're keeping it interesting with different sounds. It used to sound like it was music for trolls marching through the swamps to war and now it sounds like music for metal hipsters to dance like trolls to. which is fine if it's a one-album thing
17.08.2013 - 12:02
FInntroll is nice
When there is a voice recalling, when a whisper is resounding
When a feather's grazing you again, you start traveling with your mind.
24.08.2013 - 21:01
I like them , a few days ago i saw them at summer breeze and they are live pretty good
trollhammaran is always a good party song