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Which Folk Metal band do you prefer?


Total votes: 418

The original post

Posted by MétalNoir on 27.07.2008 at 06:18
I recently got interested in Folk Metal and I like it more an more. At first, I thought Finntroll was about the only Folk Metal band and that it was a marginal and widely unknown genre, but I soon realized Folk Metal bands are many, hailing from a lot of countries, ready to sing or scream the legends of their homeland. I only know half the bands I mentioned above and I'd like you to tell me which one you like the most and help me separating original and innovating ones from tasteless copycats...

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Posts: 193

Age: 35
From: Ireland

  26.08.2011 at 20:06
Skyclad and Cruachan. Originators and best
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Posts: 56

Age: 39
From: Norway

  28.11.2011 at 13:39
I vote for ensiferum , but it really tough to choose between Eqilibrium ,Ensiferum ,Finntroll and korpiklaani

Posts: 14

Age: 22
From: Turkey
  29.11.2011 at 19:34
It's really hard, but my vote goes to Ensiferum.

edit: wow, it's hundredth vote for Ensiferum.

Posts: 1273

Age: 28
From: USA

  29.11.2011 at 22:05
Out of that list, my vote goes to Ensiferum.
Total though, my vote would have to be for Windir.
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Posts: 93

Age: 20
From: India

  03.12.2011 at 07:40
Atleast get d spellin of agalloch rite plz...dey r d best in business bitches!!

Posts: 5

Age: 25
From: Australia

  11.12.2011 at 11:26
I had to vote for Agalloch out of loyalty to the band. Equilibrium comes in a close 2nd. But I'd have to say Kromlek or Finsterforst would take my vote had there been an option.
Infernal Eternal

Posts: 604

Age: 100
From: Greece

  10.05.2012 at 19:50
It's Ensiferum for me. There is so much energy on their songs.
Brus-kuluz taurzur bûrzu tiil-ob
Hush-ob dhurum agh ufum dhurum
Tor Vautu brus-troguz
Urgai-u gukh dûmp agh tiimor

Talaan-u rûk-ir tor urûk
Nauru-ir agh kragoru nûrsu grishûrz
Nork-ulu furtun agh goth

Posts: 240

Age: 40
From: Slovenia

  14.05.2012 at 01:22
Among those Moonsorrow all the way, but it's kinda odd to call them folk metal.
Mr. Blonde

Posts: 66

Age: 34
From: USA

  17.05.2012 at 23:56
Ensiferum, though a tough call.
Also, isn't Elvenking a little more power than folk?

Posts: 155

Age: 20
From: Canada

  18.05.2012 at 05:51
Elvenking. Clean Vocals, Folk, and Power = Greatness.
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Posts: 4462

Age: 26
From: Finland

  29.05.2012 at 01:14
Primordial, Cruachan (I really only like The Middle Kingdom, though, but that's amazing), Skyclad, Falkenbach. Out of these, Moonsorrow, followed by Agalloch.
Account deleted
  29.05.2012 at 20:39
If they count as folk metal, it should be Orphanned Land, their music is just on a different level. Arabic, Klezmer progmetal mix with their religios concepts..just a level on its own. Followed by upcoming bands Myrath, Arkan, Ambehr and my favorites the singapores Rudra with their southern indian music/thrash mix. Therefore none european Folk Metal.
Shadow King

Posts: 1197

Age: 21
From: USA

  07.09.2012 at 11:43
Out of this list, I would go with Agalloch, The Mantle is one of the greatest albums ever written as far as I'm concerned. Although I really like Moonsorrow and Ensiferum as well.
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Account deleted
  07.09.2012 at 12:02
Agalloch and older Ensiferum,cause I really think their 2012 act fails
Heaven Knight

Posts: 8178

Age: 26
From: Czech Republic

  07.09.2012 at 13:23
Years have passed since my post in 2008 and now i just wonder, what a power metal band does in a first place of folk metal competition?
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Posts: 25

Age: 24
From: Norway
  12.10.2013 at 05:12
Well, that's really easy. That which dominates the folk sound, and summons the howling north winds. That which summons the spirit of mother nature itself, Moonsorrow. Your songs echoes past and present!

Posts: 220
From: Finland

  16.10.2013 at 18:15
Written by Ellrohir on 07.09.2012 at 13:23

Years have passed since my post in 2008 and now i just wonder, what a power metal band does in a first place of folk metal competition?

Power Metal? No,it's Folk Metal. They have Folk musical instruments on their albums.
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