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Carpathian Forest

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Posted by , 17.05.2006 - 08:03
There's not a complete new forum without a thread about the greatest BM band hehehe...

No,really... I love Carpathian Forest, "Strange Old Brew" is my favourite album of the genre... first of all, I love their rocker attitude, their unserious pose, their lyrics, the variety in their music... They can be a true BM band but still use saxophones and amient sounds, they're very creative also... comments?
06.01.2008 - 07:56
Bitter Dawn
Ave Sathanas!
This is an old one.

I've been listening to Carpathian Forest a lot lately, it seems like the majority of what I've had on for the past month. That and Nattefrost's album "Blood & Vomit".
07.01.2008 - 05:07
Urban Monster
I just got Carpathian's Forest Fuck You All !!!, very good until now, did'nt listen to it all yet, but i am liking it alot.
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04.02.2008 - 08:43
Dammit. the only BM bands that tour West US are dimmu Borgir....its not fair
05.02.2008 - 22:38
Suicidal Atheist
Account deleted
First off, this is my first post, but whatever.

I think that Carpathian Forest is an amazing band, I think that there Black Shiny Leather was their best, without a doubt. I can't wait for their new album, I think its going to be called "Universal Evil"
Check their blog on myspace, it has a bunch of information.
22.02.2008 - 16:06
yes, actually I am waiting for their new album, and Nattefrost's third solo project. the last one from Carpathian Forest was very very good, reminds me Black'n'Roll or something. but on the other hand, Nattefrost's second solo album was totally shit, the first one was better!
27.07.2008 - 01:36
Fils du Lys
Carpathian Forest is about the only "real" Black Metal band I really like. Defending the Throne of Evil and Fuck You All!!! (yes the album with the delightful huge phallus on the cover...) are great albums, even though some fans think the symphonic elements on these make CF sound like a thousand other BM bands. I love "Spill the Blood of the Lamb" and "Shut up, There Is No Reaon to Live". Did you know "Fuck You All!!!" 's subtitle, "Caput tuum in ano est" means "Your head is up your anus"? Charming, eh?
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