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03.10.2008 - 01:09
Aborted is a Belgian death metal band with six rather inconsistent releases under their belt. Goremageddon would have to be my favorite, with Engineering the Dead being a close second. I find the newest album, Strychnine.213, to be a piece of shit, and I don't know how long Sven has been sportin his trendy metrohawk, but it's obvious they're selling out. Regardless, they still bring it live - I was brutalized both times when I saw them this year, and I still remain optimistic for the next album.

I bought an Aborted shirt for my girlfriend who not only isn't that big on metal, but is pro-life. I find it ironic.
03.10.2008 - 04:47
Kap'N Korrupt
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I have their Archaic Abattoir's a pretty brutal album and I used to listen to it quite a bit back in the day
03.10.2008 - 07:13
Goremageddon is the only album I'll spin by them, however, I concur about their live performances. This year was my first chance to see them live, and because of their relatively weak releases after Gore, I assumed it was going to be a fairly uneventful opening act.

Mistaken I was. They played pretty much all the tracks off of Goremageddon and got a circle-pit up and rolling in no time. It was full on goregrind beauty, complete with multiple concert goers decked out in pseudo-blood-soaked doctor attire. A really great time.
In Grind We Crust
05.10.2008 - 20:26
Arian Totalis
The Philosopher
Also discovered these guys about two days or so ago. I Like them alot. I'll report back once I've perhaps given them more of a listen.
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03.11.2008 - 02:36
I got some albums from these guys a couple days ago by mistake. (Goremageddon+ The Archaic Abattoir)
Surprisingly they're not too bad.
11.12.2008 - 13:16
Koen Smits
I like 'em but when I saw them live (about 5 times I guess) they where never convincing to me.
It always sounded very blurry to me. (bad locations maybe?)
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11.12.2008 - 17:40
Mr. Doctor
I kinda liked the last album... Is catchy and funny IMO.
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13.01.2012 - 08:38
Troy Killjoy
So what's everyone thinking about the new album thus far? Based on the two songs they've released I'm actually surprisingly stoked.

I don't think I've been excited for a new Aborted release since I discovered them about 4 years ago. I like them going back to their deathgrind routes though, and Sven's vocals are top-notch.

The mix of breakdowns, solos, and triggered drums makes my eyes bleed. But only a little.
Prettier than BloodTears.
27.01.2012 - 01:05
Am I the only one that notices the Morbid Angel Domination ear influences in this album, the second song's intro sounds almost like Where the Slim Live