The Best Song Opeth has Closed a Live Set With

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what has been the best song Opeth has closed a live set with and why

Blackwater Park
Demon Of The Fall
Other (there has to be others)
The Lepper Affinity
A Fair Judgment

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05.10.2008 - 13:33
I've seen Opeth live twice. their closers are always very strong and most of the time different. I was wondering what my fellow metalstormers favorite closer has been for the mighty band Opeth.
My Favorite has been Bleak. Its always been one of my favorite Opeth songs and it has good Ups and downs and showcases Opeth very well....:D
05.10.2008 - 13:37
Bad English
This is for those who has seen band life, since I havnt seen it I cant judge, but I probobly want Demon Of The Dall, because its my fav Opeth song
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05.10.2008 - 17:50
Duy Hung
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Written by Bad English on 05.10.2008 at 13:37

This is for those who has seen band life, since I havnt seen it I cant judge, but I probobly want Demon Of The Dall, because its my fav Opeth song

Me too! And i think they play that song for the encore quite regularly. A friend of mine went to see Opeth in Vancouver the other day and the very last song was actually Demon Of The Fall (and before that was Deliverance!)
05.10.2008 - 21:47
//They closed with Wreath when i saw them in May. It was an awesome closer. Great way to go out //
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08.10.2008 - 21:10
I think demon of the fall works pretty well. Deliverance also works pretty well.
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13.11.2008 - 04:02
Born Too Late
Well when i saw opeth they played the drapery falls as a closer...that was good, a great end to an amazing night...the setlist was pretty fucking awesome, they played one song off every album
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13.11.2008 - 16:43
When I seen them in 2006 they closed with Deliverance and then came back out and played Blackwater Park. BP is a great song for them to close out with in my opinion. When I seen them last month they ended with Demon of the Fall, which is also a great song. Hell, they could close with any of their songs and it would still be fantastic.
18.02.2009 - 18:21
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Blackwater Park is a phenomenal outro to a gig. Demon Of The Fall is fantastic, but I don't find it epic enough. Blackwater Park is just perfect, especially with that lyric at the end "The sun sets forever, over Blackwater Park". Stunning.
29.07.2009 - 19:45
Deliverance because of its outro, but i would die to listen In Mist She Was Standing with its 3 last instrumental minutes closing a show. Another one could be Heir Apparent
29.07.2009 - 21:37
Dudeist Priest'
This is quite a silly thread isn't it? Just seems rather pointless, but that's just like..uh, my opinion, man.

I've seen them three times in three years and I don't remember the closers of the first two shows, so I'd have to say Deliverance. In Wiesbaden, they played a loooong ass time it seemed like, but I wasn't ready for it to be over.
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11.08.2009 - 23:45
Pagan Angel
I never really thought that Opeth would be good for a concert until I saw them and they blew me away.
24.08.2011 - 00:10
I'm seeing Opeth for the first time in a couple months so I can't say but on the list I would probably want them to close with Deliverance because of the hypnotic riff at the end. Not on the list I would love to hear In The Mist She Was Standing or Black Rose Immortal or When.
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26.02.2012 - 23:09
Codera the Great
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Demon of the Fall has been the traditional show closer for the band, and it's a great one. Gets energy pumping in the audience one last time, so that everyone feels energized and refreshed once they leave.
05.03.2012 - 23:37
Sonic MrSumo
I've seen them 4 times...don't they always close with Deliverance? They certainly do here in Australia!
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02.06.2012 - 10:03
Infernal Eternal
Blackwater Park or Demons of the Fall.
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27.09.2012 - 03:41
Angry Chair
Blackwater park as its my favorite song of all time, straight out masterpiece for me.
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