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Posted by Nimlot, 28.10.2008 - 12:18
Well what do you think about Hansi's singing? I personally find it amazing, he's always been my favorite vocalist and I wonder what others think of him and how would they rate him, so here we go It's up to you


What do you think is Hansi

He's good but he's not my favorite.
The greatest power metal vocalist ever.
He's not a king, he's just a God
I don't like him...
I like black metal...

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20.12.2008 - 09:43
Fat & Sassy!
Mr. Kürsch is my favorite power metal vocalist simply, because he doesn't have that cookie cutter power metal sound to his voice. It is distinct.

I'm not sure why he bothers singing during live shows anyway... considering the WHOLE AUDIENCE does it for him... even when it's uncalled for.
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28.10.2012 - 02:31
Shadow King
Hansi Kürsch is a legend. The moment i first heard the song "Fly", I fell in love with Blind Guardian instantly and have been a huge fan of them ever since.
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31.12.2012 - 22:11
I think he is the best power metal singer I have heard.
11.01.2013 - 02:24
Account deleted
One of the best voices I've ever heard, not my fav but close!