The Oracle: Symphonic/Atmospheric Extreme Metal - Canada

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03.12.2008 - 04:45
Arcesse Eum
Good stuff if you're into stuff ranging from Emperor and At The Gates to Pink Floyd and Dead Can Dance:
As above, so below.
07.12.2008 - 20:17
Was this the band that opened at the Opera House before Virgin Black/Samael/Amorphis? I was there with a couple friends and didn't think too much about them then, but my friend said "I'll send you their Myspace. Sounds a lot different". It did, too. I have the Myspace saved to my favourites, but I wonder why it didn't carry over so well live.

Still very good stuff.
02.06.2010 - 04:47
Fils du Lys
This band is awesome!!! They sound like a cross between Opeth and Moonlyght, and fortunately the Moonlyght part cuts the Opeth boredom... I am an instant fan!
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