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Posted by , 06.07.2006 - 03:03
If there is ONE band that had been inportant for me in my Metal life, it's Hypocrisy.

I think Peter Tägtgren is the most creative Metal musician, and their self-titled album is the best stuff ever written in Extreme Metal... there's not other album even similar to it, and it's the perfect mix between thrill, horror, sadness and aggression...

I was introduced to this band through Abducted, the album with which they began to straight-forward experiment, creating a very unique sound and with all those imaginery based in aliens and unknown shit in general, which is pretty well done and it's very scary... then I passed to "Into The Abyss", that actually is one of my least favourite Hypocrisy albums because there's like no change between many songs, but it still has two of my all times favourite songs by the band: "Blinded" and specially the extraordinary, epic and blood-chilling "Fire In The Sky"

Right now I'm obsessed by almost every single album they had made, from the brutal Death beginnings with Masse Bromberg on the vocals to the kind of Gothemburg sound of "Virus"...

what more can I say??? this band is just... over-the-top
29.10.2011 - 14:21
Dark Phoenix
Hell Over Sofia DVD is already out, it was released on the 21st of October. And I'm gonna have to wait till December probably, before I get it.... So it's time now that I start mentioning people, this would be a very lovely New year's present for me....
30.10.2011 - 01:50
Metal slave
I really like their newer stuff. I think their last 2 albums are their (his) best. The biggest problem with anything before Virus was the back and fourth of straight foreward, fast melodic death and slow, atmospheric songs...it really put me off. But it seems like I'm alone in this opinion.
30.10.2011 - 02:07
Best album? I heard a few songs and I dig 'em.
30.10.2011 - 13:16
My all time fav album is "Osculum Obscenum" from 1993!!
30.10.2011 - 14:00
Account deleted
Hypocrisy, on basically all their albums post-Osculum Obscenum, are plagued with boring mediocre mid-paced tracks which prevents pretty much any album being great for me. I tend to cherry-pick tracks from each album rather than going on whole albums. I really like Penetralia though.
20.12.2014 - 08:25
One of my all-time favs definitely, I think their best is "The Fourth Dimension", "The Final Chapter" and "Hypocrisy". "Virus" is good too in terms of death metal brutality. This band definitely has undoubtly epic, raw, full of sadness and despair atmosphere, which is one of the greatest things about them.
14.01.2015 - 15:36
Penetralia is my fav album although they are not making bad albums now either.. But I prefer the first two albums..
09.08.2016 - 01:43
^tbh, I find it hard to compare Hypocrisy to DT, AE and similar melodeath. Not much in common except for the last few albums. And those are clearly the band's least interesting material. Early OSDM is fantastic as are the later more atmospheric approached ones (the 4th dimension is the perfect blend). Up to Into the Abyss they really are great but nowadays its boring stuff, much like similar big bands.