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Whats your favorite band from finland and why

Children Of Bodom88
Sonata Arctica34
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow15

Total votes: 433

The original post

Posted by Dreamwar_86 on 06.07.2006 at 15:37
Finland is one of the best metal countries they have so many great metal bands and they have great styles like COB,ETOS,norther and kalmah and the folk, like Korpiklaani,Moonsorrow,Finntroll,Winrtersun etc. but give me your point of view what band do you think is better and why

for me it is Stratovarius its one of my favorite bands, i love everything on it , the vocals (Kotipelto is the best damn singer ever) , the guitars are just perfect, the keyboards too , bass and drums are outstanding, yes i know that most of the songs of Stratovarius have the same structure but i still love those guys;D

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Dark Cornatus

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  19.01.2015 at 12:21
Written by Bad English on 19.01.2015 at 11:57

Written by Dark Cornatus on 19.01.2015 at 09:10

Finland is one of those countries for me that was amazing during the 00's but a country that doesn't seem to catch my eye these days for new bands.

From the list above i'm going to vote from Stratovarius, followed closely by Nightwish and then Moonsorrow. Those bands were all pretty inspirational for me in developing my music tastes.

it has dropped indeed, but its because media and so on, but same time look at MS, we have many good Finnish bands and new albums and so on, they are good, but now djent and such not real metal bands are on top

It's been all Sweden and USA for me recently. Greece and Norway are probably the next two.

Djent is not something i really like, unless it's Paul Wardingham.

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From: Romania

  14.04.2015 at 10:59
Sargeist FTW
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  16.04.2015 at 12:34
I picked "other..." while pointing on Ensiferum.

To be heard, Children of Bodom, Moonsorrow, Korpiklaani and Nightwish are great too.

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From: USA

  01.05.2015 at 15:58
Sonata Arctica are my personal favorite (so they obviously got my vote) but I certainly do enjoy Moonsorrow, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Nightwish and Stratovarius from the list as well.

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Cynic Metalhead
Atrocious Virgin

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  01.05.2015 at 16:15
I think I have said it before.

It's Reactor.

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From: Sweden

  12.06.2015 at 12:43
I voted for Stratovarius, of course. They're Finland's finest!
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Infernal Eternal

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From: Greece

  24.06.2015 at 20:51
Impaled Nazarene! Why? Because they uniquely blended black metal with punk influences to create some blasphemous (in a good way) masterpieces. Check them out if you want something different. Finland has a truly extreme side as well. My second choice would be Rotten Sound. One of the greatest grindcore bands since the turn of the millenium. Inspired stuff!
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  30.06.2015 at 15:07
From the choices given I have went with Stratovarius. While I think Timo Tolkki is possibly the most overrated guitarist/songwriter in power metal history, the last 3 albums released without him have been amazing. They are genuinely getting better with age and I'm actually excited about the new album . Don't get me wrong, albums like Visions are excellent, but Timo was far too simple and all the albums from mid 90s to early 00s just ended up sounding generic and samey.

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