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Which is the better indian song?

Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden54
Indians - Anthrax25

Total votes: 79


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From: Canada

  22.01.2009 at 06:01
I thought it would be interesting to see which of these two classic Indian themed songs by classic bands would win.

I would have to say that Run To The Hills gets my vote. Lyrically though, I would give the win to Anthrax for obvious reasons. Run To The Hills is undeniably catchy as hell, and comes from perhaps the first 'true' Heavy Metal album that I ever bought and loved.

Vote and discuss.

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Age: 27
From: USA

  22.01.2009 at 06:28
I like Indians more. I think the chorus in Run to the Hills is cheesy, but Anthrax gets that way too sometimes.
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  22.01.2009 at 07:13
I don't really like Run To The Hills because of the cheesiness...I like Iron Maiden but some of their stuff is pretty cheesy...they kinda have their heads too much in the clouds...Anthrax has some sort of street value and keep it real...also the whole socially and politically concious thing...fantasy music personally gets too ridicuolous...Indians is just a really good classic metal song with no bullshit...

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From: USA

  22.01.2009 at 07:52
I've heard little Anthrax but I've actually heard, Indians and liked it. Considering I hate the song, Run to the Hills because its basically the same phrase sung over and over again and boring I'll go with Indians....
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Age: 29
From: Sweden

  22.01.2009 at 13:15
I like indians, but even Run To The Hills is secend worts IM song after Number, but still its much better how Indians
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  22.01.2009 at 13:15
Not friend of both of those songs, but run to the hills is better IMO

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Age: 29
From: Canada

  22.01.2009 at 22:31
Fan of both Anthrax and Iron Maiden, but for me Run to the Hills is the winner. Obviously its cheesy as fuck, but in a good way heh.
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Age: 24
From: Italy

  23.01.2009 at 14:44
Run to the Hills is THE MOST OVERRATED SONG EVER. Indians wins easily.
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Age: 23
From: USA

  23.01.2009 at 19:48
Both classic songs, off classic albums, by two of my favorite bands. Ill go with Run to the Hills. Its more epic, and its always been one of my favorites.
Vengeance Time

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Age: 42
From: Australia

  27.01.2009 at 14:42
Ya ,they are both classics ,but it's Run to the Hills for me ,I can't go past a song off one of my 10 favourite albums of all time......And hell ,I love the cheese...lol
Heaven Knight

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Age: 26
From: Czech Republic

  07.03.2009 at 00:32
Run To The Hills is one of the best songs ever for me
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Age: 24
From: USA

  07.03.2009 at 19:12
Definitely "Run to the Hills". Sure, it's overrated, but it's still a great song.

So, is anyone actually surprised that Iron Maiden is winning so far?
Lush McGee

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Age: 25
From: USA

  08.03.2009 at 02:37
Anthrax is rad but I gotta stay true to the maiden. I think The Trooper is overrated, but its still a great song and what would Iron Maiden be without the cheesiness.
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LeChron James

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Age: 26
From: USA

  08.03.2009 at 07:32
Run to the hills is more fun to play on bass, anthrax doesnt have the same bite maiden does.
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  12.03.2009 at 00:44
Run to the Hills is much better imo. I don't dislike Anthrax, but they don't have much material that can measure up to classic Maiden songs...

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Age: 26
From: USA

  13.03.2009 at 05:41
Run to the Hills wins by a mile. Iron Maiden turned the systematic destruction of native american civilization into a song that is catchy and amazingly fun to sing. I don't consider cheesiness to be bad by any means, but since it has been brought up, the lyrics of the anthrax song are just as cheesy, if not even more.

And I quote:

Even though they know how much their lives are really missin'

That is only the most cheesy part.
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Age: 27
From: Australia

  14.03.2009 at 15:23
Both bands are very good in their respective genre'. A few people have mentioned the cheese behind IM Run to the Hills, but in many respects I think that is something IM did very well in the early 80's. Nothing like a little cheese, at least you know for the band it was all in fun. As for Anthrax, they have always been no bullshit with a good dash of humor to go with it, that's is what made them great bands respectively.

Comparing two very different songs like Indians and Run to the Hills is very interesting. My vote is for Indians, simply because Run to the Hills has never been a favorite of IM, however Indians is probably one of my favorites of Anthrax. It is hard to compare lyrics and music when each band has such a vastly different style.
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Age: 24
From: Germany

  13.01.2011 at 17:21
Indians - Anthrax wins by far for me!
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Age: 18
From: Canada

  13.01.2011 at 22:48
Indians. Run to the hills is great but I feel is a bit overrated.

Posts: 9
From: USA

  04.02.2011 at 22:59
Written by Elio on 23.01.2009 at 14:44

Run to the Hills is THE MOST OVERRATED SONG EVER. Indians wins easily.

LOL...I know! As someone else said they just repeat "Run to the Hills" over and over! Indians on the other hand is an ALL TIME classic metal song that kicks ass!!

Indians all the way!!
Account deleted
  05.02.2011 at 00:37
Run to the Hills! Just never got into Indians, love the message though.

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Age: 28
From: USA

  05.02.2011 at 01:21
Maidenfan to the bone, but i HATE run to the hills. its just not a good song. indians is way better. however, i can never play around my very PC native american friends...
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Posts: 156
From: USA

  05.02.2011 at 03:48
I think overall I like Indians better. The drum intro, the sweet rift, and the catchy chours along with a good solo.

Posts: 62
From: Portugal
  05.02.2011 at 12:38
Iron Maiden!!!

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Age: 16
From: USA

  22.05.2011 at 01:15
Indians. Run To The Hills is too simple and cheesy for me. I love Iron Maiden, but in this song battle I prefer Indians.
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Posts: 2234

Age: 20
From: USA

  22.05.2011 at 01:18
Run To The Hills might as well be a pop single. It's a decent catchy tune, but nothing more. Whereas Indians is a fucking thrasher. CRYYYY FOR THE INDIAAAAAAANSS!
Shadow King

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Age: 20
From: USA

  22.12.2012 at 12:27
Run To The Hills for me. I don't care how insanely popular this song is, I think it's a great song, Maiden sounds awesome, and Bruce Dickinson is a vocal god. I like the more romanticized lyrics this song presents as well, it provides me with that sense of escapism that I love from music in general.

As for Indians, TBH I was never really a fan of Joey Belladonna's vocals, I always thought they were pretty annoying personally, and I'm not the biggest thrash metal fan to begin with. I just could never get into Anthrax's music, not my cup of tea really.
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Age: 20
From: USA

  23.12.2012 at 09:50
Indians for me. Maybe one reason is that I've heard Run to the Hills so many times, but I just like thrash a lot more.
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Posts: 235
From: Austria

  27.12.2013 at 15:01
How anybody voted for run to the Hills here is beyond me. I could write a book about better Iron maiden songs. Indians on the other hand is a classic and belongs to Anthrax finest songs.

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