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Beyond The Veil8
Widow's Weeds7
World of Glass4

Total votes: 23

The Shooter

Posts: 374

Age: 40
From: Argentina

  26.02.2009 at 00:38
Tristania is one of my favorite bands, for that reason i decided to let this poll to know what album of its discography is its favorite. Widow's Weeds for me.

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Bad English

Posts: 44717

Age: 31
From: Sweden

  27.02.2009 at 00:59
No doubt Widow Weeds because this is only what i like musicaly, lyricaly and generaly, others are so week and more belongs to MTV not metal, realy only firts one are what I can listen from band
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Age: 30
From: Portugal

  27.02.2009 at 21:09
Window Weeds is one of the best gothic metal albums ever made, so it wins the bill very clearly here. It really stands out from anything they created and it's an absolute masterpiece.
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Posts: 47

Age: 25
From: The Netherlands

  01.03.2009 at 22:53
Beyond The Veil; I really have something with that album

Posts: 777

Age: 30
From: UK

  07.03.2009 at 13:15
Beyond the veil is my favourite Tristania album, A sequel of decay is my favourite song
Whispering Gloom

Posts: 59

Age: 31
From: Czech Republic

  17.09.2009 at 19:56
I voted for Beyond The Veil, but World of Glass and Ashes also great. Illumination is a big disappointment.

Posts: 718

Age: 30
From: Australia

  28.09.2009 at 02:38
I think their early stuff was their best, Widow's Weeds is a great album along with Beyond the Veil. But my favorite would have to be World of Glass, it is perhaps their darkest album and the most dreary, but it builds the most amazing atmosphere almost like being sucked into a black hole.
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Posts: 403

Age: 27

  04.03.2010 at 15:59
Ashes, their most experimental and surreal album.. and then Beyond the Veil, their most complete one, and the one album that Morten Veland never ever even came close to topping

i don't see what's so special about Widow's Weeds though. slow generic doomy gothic doom metal drama about angels, death, mourning and all that stereotypical goth jazz

Posts: 14

Age: 25
From: Estonia
  07.03.2010 at 15:05
Ashes for me. It wasn't that over the top and pumped up like BoV, but I really liked it, more than any other albums by Tristania.
Dark Phoenix

Posts: 3497

Age: 30
From: Slovenia

  07.03.2010 at 19:14
Voted for BTV, obviously. I really don't feel like writing an essay why, to this date, I still hold this album as one of the absolutely best albums ever, cause I have told it like a gazzillion times in the Tristania thread. Shortly: I find BTV the most extraoridnary, magical, full, rich, brillitan album due to the extremely polished sound, wonderful lyrics and a perfectly balanced mixture of orchestral music with metal with mind-blowing, more than amazing vocals. That album is one of best examples of what gothic metal is, not one song is a filler, are all unique but together they blend perfectly into a wholeness.

Posts: 1
From: Belarus
  27.07.2010 at 23:22
Widow's Weeds.. Very gothic! December Elegy is my favorite song.

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