Create a greatest metal songs album (read first)

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Posted by ToMegaTherion, 09.04.2009 - 06:09
The idea is simple, I want metal fans to create/ design a greatest metal hits album. There are a number of rules you need to follow. Discuss reasons why a song is number 1 on the album, or why number 6 is number 6, ect. This is an album you would give to someone interested in metal but hasn't ever really heard much more metal than the slightly poppy bands and metalcore stuff that goes around.
1 - No more than 2 songs from one band
2 - 11 songs on the album
3 - Have a bit of fun with this.


Ok I'll start...

1 - Iron Maiden - Wildest Dreams (I love the sart of this song, "1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4..." Then straight into it."
2 - Painkiller - Judas Priest (This is one of the excellent follow up songs with a great beat and catchy rhythm)
3 - Equilibrium - Tristania (This is a great ballad, one of my favorites and it breaks off from that very heavy introduction.)
4 - The Obsesive Devotion - Epica (To introduce a more feminine sound to the album, and this is a great example of what Simone Simons can do)
5 - Blood Tears - Blind Guardian (This is one of my favorite BG songs, I love the lyrics and intense emotive sound in Hansi's vocals.)
6 - DNR - Testament (This is one of those brilliant metal riffs, you can't help but like this song)
7 - Master of Puppets - Metallica (This is one of those classics that you just can't leave out of a metal album)
8 - The Lake of Ghosts - My Dying Bride (This one of MDB's more unforgettable songs, the atmosphere and lyric combine to create one of the darkest song i have ever heard.)
9 - Adrenaline - The Gathering (I love this song, and i think it makes a good break as a more uplifting song.)
10 - Destroyer - Candlemass (Another song just to change it up again. A catchy song that describes metal to a T.)
11 - A Question of Heaven - Iced Earth (I love this as the last songs to finnish off, Its a great farewell song)
06.12.2012 - 09:31
Secundum Filium
1. Amorphis - Sampo (Gotta love the piano opening, and with an epic chorus to boot, leaves for a great starting track)
2. Opeth - Godhead's Lament (Awesome prog death metal music with a beautiful acoustic passage in the middle, keeps the album going great)
3. ISIS - Hand of the Host (A song as hypnotizing as this will leave for a good breather until the faster-paced stuff comes back again)
4. Emperor - Curse All You Men! (Great for listeners to wake the fuck up after a nice, relatively relaxing break)
5. Meshuggah - Behind The Sun - (Double bass drum work ftw, carries the intensity on from the last one)
6. Katatonia - Deadhouse (After the intensity of the last two songs, it's good to take a cool break with a softer song)
7. Ex Deo - I, Caligvla (With trumpets a blaring, one heavy badass track kicks into high gear)
8. Dio - Don't Talk To Strangers (An awesome classic from one of the metal gods thrown in there for fun)
9. Iron Maiden - Afraid to Shoot Strangers (Great build-up towards the big epic of the album)
10. Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence (Stunning epic track that brings everything to a thrilling climax)
11. Queensrÿche - I Will Remember (a beautiful and sad acoustic ballad to bring everything to a close)
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