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  11.04.2009 at 18:58
Kraftwerk is one the best electronic bands.What do you think of them???
Jonnz of Steel

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From: UK

  27.04.2009 at 23:09
From what i've heard of them they sound pretty good, but Bill Bailey's spoof of them was killer.


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  28.04.2009 at 00:24
There's a chapter in The Simpsons where Grandpa finds some WWII paintings, then a german prick steals those while listening to Kraftwerk lol, that's the only thing I've heard from this band.
Cuca Beludo
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  20.11.2012 at 17:58
Kraftwerk is as much influential as the beatles. I would say EVEN more influential than the beatles.

If you don't know much about the band, start out with The Man-Machne (1978). One of the best electronic/synthpop albums I've ever heard.
Shadow King

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  06.12.2012 at 23:53
I have two of their albums in my CD collection, Autobahn (1974) and Trans-Europe Express (1977). The last one is a masterpiece in my opinion. Never thought I'd see a thread for these guys on here!
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From: Brazil

  10.07.2013 at 10:18
I love Kraftwerk. Let me explain a bit about their full-lengths...

1970 - Kraftwerk (Rating:4)

"Fourteen minutes, instrumental, experimental four track Krautrock album. The level of experimentalism is ridiculous, sounds like the band were bashing all the instruments they could and finally added some weird alien noises thereafter. Two ways to listen this: You are interested in the history of the band, or you must be a Krautrock lover. Anyway, shit album.

Best track: hahaha''

1971 - Kraftwerk 2 (Rating:6)

"First side of the LP contains a single, seventeen minutes track. Second side some, again, very experimental tunes, way ahead of its time. The opening track "Klingklang" begins with a slow, Dark Ambient-ish atmosphere, and then turns into a, well, enjoyable Rock 'n' Roll track. The rest of the album is mainly composed by noises, drones and soundscapes. If it weren't the same song structure on the second side of the LP, this cold've been a better release".

Best track: Klingklang

1973 - Half Und Florian (Rating:7)

"Well, let's say... now they learned how to play their instruments and be experimental at the same time, still making a pleasant tune for most ears. Also in this release they were making progress into the electronic aspects, you'll find atmospheric and ambient tunes, also some dance ones. Not a legendary release, but enjoyable from time to time.

Best track: Kristallo

1974 - Autobahn (Rating:8)

"...And now the band found their true sound and abandoned they hipster imagery of the early days. The first track is the legendary Autobahn, 22 minutes long track with the german roads as the main theme, with the intention of giving the listener am idea of how the Autobahn is. Every aspect of the song is damn well worked: the sampled sounds of cars passing by, birds singing, horns, turning the radio on/off, braking... everything well sampled into a track sometimes with a good rhythm and catchy melody. And finally, their music contains voices and lyrics! Legendary in every aspect, also on of the most important albums from the music history. Extremely recommended.

The second side of the LP contains, again, experimental Krautrock, BUT THIS TIME with a more electronic approach, with a hypnotizing melody and a continuous beat, with less influences of flutes, violins, guitars, drums or other "conventional" instruments."

Best track: Autobahn (it's very hard to listen at first, so I'll also recommend "Kometenmelodie 2")

1976 - Radioactivität (Rating: 8)

"Since 'Half Und Florian', the band were progressively moving into the full electronic sound. This is the final point of the boring Krautrock influence, Now we have a fully electronic sound, still experimental yeah. Radio activity and activities on the radio is the main concept here, therefore the album title is a pun. Other notable differences from Autobahn includes the extensive use of vocoder, an instrument to modify the voice based on a sound frequency, also a trademark in the Kraftwerk music; more hypnotizing synthesizer melody and "dancing" beats and a new level of experimentalism, with less influences on the previous Krautrock structure."

Best track: Radioactivität

1977 - Trans Europa Express (Rating: 9)

"One of the most important albums for the development of the contemporary music. From here, all the forms of electronic music were created, also a notable direct influence for all the 80's post-punk/new wave sound, RAP/Hip Hop and even video game music The band used a sequencer here, which created the continuous dance beat we see in 90% of the music today, combining with with the alien, electro hypnotizing sound from the two previous efforts. Released when punk was all the rage, praised with the maximum rating by many important music critics and magazines, this album now is in the same spotlight as classic like Beatles."

Best track: both "Trans Europa Express", "Metal Auf Metall" and "Abzung" forms only one track, with the same beat. "Metall Auf Metall", if you're too lazy for a 12 minute set ^^

1978 - Die Mensch-Mashine (Rating: 9)

"Best electronic album ever. Strictly well worked melodies and a vast variety of sound improvisation. We have the techno-ish "Die Roboter"; the very melodic "Spacelab"; the danceable "Metropolis"; the synthpop-ish "Das Modell"; the slow, romantic "Neonlicht" and the title track "Die Mensch-Mashine", with a hip hop beat even before hip hop was born. The vocals are a bit rare, with the exception of the track "Das Modell", and 90% of the time they are extremely distorted to a robotic feeling, as the band adopted the robotic imagery here. Grab this one, NOW!"

Best track: Metropolis.

1980 - Computerwelt (Rating: 8)

"Not too much to say about this one, as this is basically a rip-off of the previous effort with less worked song structure. Still great, though."

Best track: Nummern

1986 - Electric Cafe (Rating: 8)

"By now, the band was already a legendary one, their alien music from 1974~1977 was already pop, radio friendly music and thousand of artists were making music influenced by their previous three albums (worth mentioning "New order" and their "Blue Monday" single). Because of that, the album was received as dull, uninspired and "skipable". Well, I disagree as it contains my favourite Kraftwerk tune, "Der Telefon Anruf". Side one of the LP is basically instrumental electro music with some words scattered here and there, and side two contains three distinct tunes, with very different melodies and samples."

Best track: Der Telefon Anfuf"

2003 - Tour de France (Rating:6)

"Unless you are a Kraftwerk fan....... Skipable"

Best track: Vitamin

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Age: 20
From: USA

  31.07.2013 at 05:21
I've only heard "The Man Machine" and I liked it but never checked out anything beyond that. I might look into some of the albums above though.

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