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Posted by tulkas, 14.07.2006 - 09:15
Outside metal one of my favorite bands is Slipknot. I really like it for all the ideology they transmit with their music and their lyrics, which I consider the best I´ve seen. The thing is, a lot of my friends bother me because they don´t like it for some reason, soooo I just wanted to hear your opinion about this band, whether you like it or not and why, and if there´s any other fans like me out there?
05.06.2016 - 22:22
New album is alright, age has definitely taken a lot of the intensity out of their music, but I think they realize that and are trying to pivot in a new direction...I wouldn't be surprised if we one day get a new Slipknot album that is all clean vocals because it seems that is what Corey Taylor is most comfortable with these days and, honestly, as long as they can keep the usual disturbing vibe Slipknot is so good at then I think a 100% clean vocal album would be awesome