Side projects.

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26.06.2009 - 17:39
Throne Dweller
I find side projects are normally more about an individual's passion for the seIect style of music they're playing, and the message they are trying to put forward.
I find the music to adhere to a lust to do justice to their own work, even if nobody else likes it. Though it normally leads to some interesting elements, it also leads to a lot of recycling of tried and used formulas.

Do you have a side project? It doesn't particularly matter what genre it is. It doesn't even have to be metal.
What genre is it? What do you try to get across with your lyrics? What's your inspiration?
If you're not in one, have you listened to other people's side projects, or one man bands? If so what do you think of them?

I'll start us off with mine.

It's called Anguine, which means 'Snakelike'. Musically It takes huge inspiration from a lot of extreme metals I've been listening to of late. Lyrically, well it's delving into deeper aspects of philosophy.