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Posted by Baz Anderson, 31.07.2006 - 17:10
Righty then. I started the Twisted Sister thread before and it looks like I will be again. haha
oh well
Twisted Sister are one of my favorite bands - they havent always been though. only in the past year I have gotten into them really

it isnt entirely the music that I like them for though - you know what I mean
the whole sound and listening to it with 'this was recorded in the eighties' in the back of your mind - thinking about how everythign was back then, etc.

I have seen them once live supporting Alice Cooper - and they put on such a fantastic show and played a set of way over an hour
that was the day that i was really pushed into getting to know them and so i am so glad i was able to go to that show

I am not sure but I think there is supposed to be a new album of sorts being recorded or something
I hope there is something new, it will be very good to hear
their best still will probably remain their eighties stuff though

So do we have any more Twisted Sister fans in here? I hope we do!
15.12.2006 - 03:21
I heard them play O Come All Ye Faithful on Jay Leno last night and it was so cool. I love Christmas songs played on an electric guitar. The lead singer is so ugly, I still think that he looks exactly like Sarah Jessica Parker.
15.12.2006 - 04:24
@pyroleprechaun: lol yes i look like a manly goldilocks

anyways MSers, I retried them and......I am officially a fan again

"Under The Blade" is a good release by them.
17.01.2007 - 02:49
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
its wierd, I never really considered myself a fan, but I recently found a mix tape I made when I was like 8 years old, it was filled with stupid crap like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, but then I was pleasantly surprised to find it had a whole slew of Twisted Sister tracks (mostly the greatest hits type stuff), it was a nice discovery....or rediscovery.
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10.03.2007 - 16:00
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25.03.2007 - 13:11
I wanna rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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25.06.2007 - 00:25
White Winter Sun
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Eddie Ojeda was a guest on the "Maximum Threshold" show on Saturday, June 23. You can download and listen to the show (huge file near 160MB) at this location.
30.06.2007 - 04:49
lol I think material prior to "Stay Hungry" was slightly better, yes?
30.06.2007 - 16:43
Baz Anderson
prior and "Stay Hungry" itself are all brilliant..
the later albums are not as good but I still do like them!!
I wrote a review for "Love Is For Suckers" a long time ago now.. I hope it is still how I feel about the album. haha

its just a shame that we wont get any new TS material.. Cynic, Immortal.. there are other bands that have just got back together and writing new material.. but I guess Dee just isn't up to writing any more
01.07.2007 - 21:01
09.07.2007 - 01:48
Account deleted
I think that Twisted Sister called themselves heavy metal, if i am not mistaken ?
09.07.2007 - 02:13
Baz Anderson
I think they do themselves yes..
personally I think they are more hard rock though..
18.09.2007 - 13:17
Advice Troll
Twisted Sister for me is just another overrated band.
OK, they have some good songs, some funny videos, but apart from that, they suck!
Glam rock and hard rock was never my taste. I wouldn't get their albums even if they'd give them to me as gifts.
Nothing personal, I just don't like their music, their image and the thing they're overrated...
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03.05.2008 - 00:39
I saw the live back in 1985 =) Great band, many good song and terrible looking =D
03.05.2008 - 02:56
they were metal at the time... yet another band getting it's genre reclassified as time marches on.

one of the things i love is the fact at the end of "We're Not Gonna Take It" Dee Snider starts yelling a couple lines from the movie 'Animal House'...

"You're all worthless and weak!"

"No drop and give me 20!"

"What is this? A pledge pin? On your uniform?"

The character in the movie who has those lines is Douglas C. Niedermeyer, a ROTC leader addressing some Army cadet officers.

In the video where the band rough's up the angry dad, the role of the dad is played by the same actor. When he first starts to get pissed off, the wife tries to say something to calm him, he replies "Don't you Douglas C. me!"

Later when screaming at his son, he uses almost the exact same lines as he did on the company in the movie, only slightly altering them for the video... i.e. "What is this? A Twisted Sister pin? On your uniform?!"

Great sense of humor by both the band and the actor.

"Stay Hungry" is a great album. Picked it up last week for like $9.
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16.05.2008 - 09:47
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Written by BitterCOld on 03.05.2008 at 02:56

they were metal at the time... yet another band getting it's genre reclassified as time marches on.

I agree and those 2 songs video in VH1 sorry its dont show all band music and thay were metal, even not so hevay like I like
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