Do you think that Jimi Hendrix is the best guitar player ever?

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Posted by , 01.08.2006 - 00:59
I beeing searching in many list the best guitar player of all times in almost every list in the number one is Jimmy Hendrix. I have a lot of videos of him and he is very talentous I most say. But the question is: Is he the best guitar player ever? Most of people says that yes but in my opinion there are guitar players in his level or even better in musical genres such as jazz and metal. In speed and tecnic for example I think that Michael Romeo (Symphony x), Kiko Loureiro (Angra) and John Petrucci are better than him. I actually don´t play guitar, I play keyboards but like everyone I can see the tecnic of a musician just by seing him. In jazz and classical music also there a lot of talentous guys that plays guitar in other level.
Do you think that Jimmy Hendrix is actually the best guitar player ever?
Or do you think that are better guitar players?
15.07.2013 - 06:10
Boxcar Willy
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Written by Guib on 20.01.2013 at 00:03

All guitar players sucks, end of the story.

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31.07.2013 - 06:13
I wouldn't say he's number one but he deserves all the praise in the world for his innovations in music. He's an amazing guitarist either way.
23.02.2015 - 09:27
The wah, fuzz, and Marshall amp more or less coincided with his success. That he was able to manipulate them the way he did was innovative. His use of extended chords, inversions, flourishes, and passing notes built upon predecessors, applied them to rock in a dramatic way, and expanded what rock guitar could be along with the aforementioned gear. All these things, filtered through his excellent melodic sense, feel, and sense of time were innovative and masterful. "Best" is a loaded term, but he was awesome. Even when he hit a clam or strayed from the beat, he was able to make it work almost all the time. Try doing that on a head full of acid/speed/marijuana/barbiturates/cocaine.
13.03.2015 - 22:33
There are far better guitar players out there, technically speaking, but he was JIMI HENDRIX, the one and only. Innovator for his time and a milestone for rock guita players.
I guess a lot of people look up to him because of his style for playing guitar and for what he was able to transmit to the listener, which is inexplicable, but it's mesmerizing.
Same with Eddie Van Halen and a few others which are now legends. It's due to their contribution to guitar playing and for their unique style.
For example, technical and prog guitar players tend to be virtuosos and play fast and difficult passages, but I don't think they would cause the same impact to a listener as compared to listening to Purple Haze (Hendrix) or Eruption (Van Halen).
So, yes, technically speaking there are better guitar players than Hendrix... but only technically.