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  07.05.2010 at 00:05
I haven't picked a bass up in eight years until today. I had stopped playing after developing carpal tunnel in my left wrist that got bad enough that I could no longer get through a set, never mind a three set night. I was recently approached by the guys I played with in my first band (almost 20 years ago) to do a reunion show this summer. All of us are rusty, though the other guys have never completely stopped playing like I did. It seems all of us are eager to get back on stage, so I need to get back into a reasonable facsimile of playing-for-an-audience shape in about two months.

Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations/links, etc for help in coming back to playing, exercises for easing carpal tunnel symptoms for musicians or even helpful advice?
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Bitter Dawn
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  07.05.2010 at 13:07
Derwood man, that's great that you're getting back to playing music, even if it turns out to be short term. If you haven't done so already, I would imagine doing some research via google about carpel tunnel would be the first step, perhaps talk to your doctor as well. Aside from that, the only other thing I can think of is talking to a more educated group of people, no offense to any one here but, the Musician Corner is really lacking activity and seasoned musicians that one could find else where. I recommend giving Harmony Central a try. It's down for maintenance at the moment but, I'm sure some one or, a few people there should be able to give you the advice you need since, carpel tunnel is likely more experienced there amongst their many guitarists, bassists and drummers that make playing music their life. It's always been a good resource tool for me, so maybe it'll have some thing for you man. Best of luck with figuring some thing out.
Valentin B

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  07.05.2010 at 23:40
Wow, not playing bass for 8 years straight? can't say i've done that, the longest i've gone without touching a guitar was 2 weeks or something like that, and it wasn't too hard to get back in top shape if you know what i mean.

2 months i think is enough time to get back to top form even after 8 years of not playing, unless of course you play really REALLY technical shit.
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  08.05.2010 at 07:23
Thanks for the suggestion, Bitter Dawn. I will definitely check out Harmony Central. I've really been out of the loop completely and I know there are a lot more resources online now than there were even five years ago.

I brought home some gear tonight (a Fender jazz and Traynor practice amp). I prefer Ibanez for their narrow necks, but the store was sold out and the jazz neck is similar, though not quite the same. I appreciate the optimism Valentin, but the layers of rust are so thick I'm wondering if two months will be enough. Eigth notes are erratic to say the least and I had to actually think about how to play a pentatonic scale.

I'm kicking the crap out of myself for ever having sold all my gear. Let this be a lesson for you kiddies...never completely stop playing.
You can't fight evil with a macaroni duck!

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