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Posted by marinBG, 14.08.2006 - 14:24
Well, I think it would be cool if everyone had the chance to post their most favourite 10 metal songs. To keep it deverse - one song per artist. Also don't forget to include explanaitions for the songs you chose...

so here is mine (at least at the moment):

1. Children Of Bodom - Bodom After Midnight
This is the most difficult pick ever - I simply cannot pick my favourite COB song, since this is my alltime favourite band. I love the dynamics, I love the feeling, I love the vocals, I love the technicallity and I love the writing... for this is just the perfect music. Even the new album that tends to be a little bit new just plainly makes me happy when I hear it. Great stuff!

2. Lacuna Coil - Haeven's a lie
I love Lacuna Coil. And especially the more powerfull and catchy songs. For me Heaven's a lie is the anthem of a particular approach to metal that I hope will develom more and more. It has some great melodies, an amazing chorus and some great keyboards samples that simply make the music much more colorful and interesting at least for me (I play keyboards )

3. SlipKnot - My Plague (yes, I consider this metal)
Well, for me this song combines the two post difficult things to put together in metal. Melody and brutallity. I really like catchy stuff and the chorus is both vigourus, catchy and of course melodic. While the verse retains a very cool agressive brutal feel. And the nicest part of all it that the brutallity and the catchyness can ve felt troughout the whole song. Btw, I prefer the shorter version cause it's more to the point and more in your face basicly. And it's more radio-friendly as much as a song with growling in the verse can be and there's something I would like to note about SlipKnot's stuff. I don't think they are that untrue, because they are heavy as f**k. Actually it's most probably the heaviest and most agressive band on my list.

4. In Flames - Only for the weak
In Flames for me are just an awesome band and Clayman is one of my favourite albums ever (top 5 materisal basicly). An Only For The Weak is one of the coolest songs on the album. I'm not the biggest fan of the new In Flames stuff, but Clayman for me will probably always be the best gothenburg or melodic death metal (whatever you call it) albums ever. It is catchy, it is heavy, it has crunching guitar leads. What else could you possible want?

5. Metallica - One
Do I really need to explain. I love almost eveything about that song, from the music trough the inspiration for it to the story of it. For me it signifies the entrace of metal into the mainstream which for me is a cool thing. I think the more metal spreads the better. I would be gladly watching all of the bands on this list on MTV and reading how they earn tons of money, cause I belive they all (and not only them) deserve it more than Breatney Spears or Backstreet Boys. And there's something more. And aslo the music is so great. The verses are so emotional and well written... and the ending part just freakin kicks ass!!! Again, a great song combining emotions, bisicly lyrical music with really heavy stuff. Also this is probably the only Metallica solo (Kirk is one of the weakest guitarists ever!!!) that I really dig (may be also Nothing Else Matters), cause no matter that it's not so virtuoso it's just really well written. I also chose this song cause I wanted to have Metallica on the list and I was wandering what to choose. Cause they have both heavy songs and ballads. And both rock. So I picked One also beacause it fully represents them at their best (not like St.Anger which sucked)

6. Crematory - The Fallen
Just a perfect song. Nothig else to say Very cool keyboard melody. Great overall feel. Cool Melodic Verse and a really killer Chorus. That's it. And a cool tempo. I really dig this type of songs.

7. Amorphis - Crimson Wave
Another unique song. The whole album Am Universum for a very long time was one of my favourites. Some really catchy stuff on there. And in this particular song the thing that is sung over the opening riff (a bridge or a chorus probably... I don't really know with this a bit strange song structure) just makes me wanna jump around and headbang. And in addition to all the musical quality in this song, I also have some plainly personal reasons to love it

8. Nightwish - She is my sin
Well, we just need one more Finnish band in that list, huh I generally do not dig so much most of the stuff Nightwish do, but some of their songs are really really cool. And the coolest of them all is She is my sin. This song also helped me alongside Children Of Bodom to turn my mother into a metal aprechiator I really love the keyboards and the melody in this song. It just creates a great great feel for me. I like every single note that's in it and that is a very rare thing to happen with me. Especially with a song by Nightwish, cause didn't really like (and still don't) Tarja. No need to say that I was very happy when they kicked her out. I hope they find a singer that is not so operaic, so they can appeal to a larger audience and double the success they had with Once (which for me is thier strongest effort by far... it's just much more agressive and catchy than the older stuff.)

9. Soulfly - Seekin' Strike
Max Cavalera for me is among the greatest man of metal. Basicly godlike, despite the bunch of not so good songs he's done also especialy with Prophecy for example.. I love the way he writes his music and I really love his vocals. And this particular song just makes me wanna headbang and mosh in the most brutal pit possible.

10. Sepultura - Refuse/Resist
Well, the old Sepultura. What can you say... for me they are
a legend. And as I mentioned before Max is almost a God... And for me personally this is maybe thier coolest song (among others). I really dig everything about it, which all comes down to sheer brutallity. I love the mosh vibe Sepultura have to all thier stuff (I'm talking about the old Sepultura... I wouldn't mosh on Bullet the blue sky for example unless I really have to ). And also this is again a pretty personal song for me especially with the momorry of singing in on stage (on a totally inapropriate for that one) and scarying some jazz lovers and musicians out of the hall (yep, as I said, I generally play keyboards, but when my band needs someone to grawl it's usually me + Refuse/Resist doesn't really need keyboards anyway)
14.11.2014 - 11:57
I'll try:

1. Crawl Through Knives - In Flames
One of the best riffs ever. Ander's vocals are also very evocative here, and it's got a nice solo, dynamics and whatnot. Don't really have much more to say about it.

2. Chop Suey - System of a Down
Not really that great when rated as metal song specifically, but it's a great song in general. The opening sitar melody is epic, and it's got nice dynamics throughout the song, it's neat how the chorus is actually the softer, but still more emotionally intense part, and the execution is very different than in metalcore, making for a very unique song. The lyrics appear to be nonsensical, but actually turn out to be quite profound and really good.

3. Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
My personal favorite song by Iron Maiden is probably actually The Evil That Men Do, but I really can't place anything which makes the song particularly special, and I think Fear of the Dark is more deserving of the title of Best Iron Maiden Song. The song is the most well known song from their 90's material for good reason, and is a favorite during live performances. The song is notable for it's softer intro displaying a gruffer a vocal style, but the rest of the song is even more fantastic. It displays an awesome riff and vocal melody, and it also has a great, if a bit drawn out, guitar solo. The lyrics are also noteworthy, being more confessional than Iron Maiden's standard fair of material inspired by classic literature, with an enduring, almost childlike quality to their concept.

4. Oblivion - Mastodon
After a distinctive, almost hypnotic opening riff, the song kicks into force. The song has great interplay between the three vocalist, Brent's part in the chorus sounding particularly good. However, Brann's part is really what's important due to his personal connection with the song. Lyrically, the song functions dually as both the opening to really out-there concept album and an immensely personal song about the Brann's sister, Skye, who committed suicide, making it have some of the best lyrics in metal. The guitar solo is also really neat,

5. Dreamer Deceiver/Deceiver - Judas Priest
Technically two different songs, but they are being put together as the songs are clearly meant to be listened together, and alone neither one works as Dreamer Deceiver isn't really metal and Deceiver is sorta mediocre on it's own. Together they definitely become a greater whole. Anyway, Dreamer Deceiver displays one of the most impressive vocals performances ever in rock, and it's. Despite being utter nonsense, the lyrics sound nice as well. As for Deceiver, while being one of the worst tracks on Sad Wings of Destiny by itself, it's still a decent track, but when treated as part of Dreamer Deceiver it stands as an epic climax to an already great song.

6. Pushit - Tool
Another song that seems a bit out of place on a list of best metal songs specifically, but is still a great song. Maynard delivers a killer vocal performance on this song, I think it might be his best anywhere and as Maynard is my favorite vocalist that's really saying something, and the lyrics are also really great: ambiguous but deeply meaningful, intellectually complex but emotionally resonating. The instrumental shouldn't be dismissed either, that atmospheric, hypnotic riff driving most of the song being one of the most unique riffs I've ever heard, and the song goes through several mood changes as well, with heavier parts, softer parts, and all sorts of other neat things going on. My only complaint about the song is the bridge is a tab bit longer than it needs to be, pushing the song to be over ten minutes, but the song is so good it can be listened through without losing focus.

7. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Like many, if not most, Black Sabbath songs it has a ton of awesome riffs, but there are a few other things which make this stand out over other Black Sabbath songs. For one, Ozzy actually sounds like he is a great singer on this song when he delivers the opening melody. Second, once again this a song with great dynamics. The chorus is softer and jazzy, but after the solo the song moves into what I have once seen considered to be the first breakdown a metal: a crushingly heavy riff which drives the climax of the song. A really underrated song.

8. Through the Fire and Flames - DragonForce
Really the song, while being one of the best of DragonForce's material, isn't that spectacular, but it's reputation as the result of Guitar III transcends it. The song has become the cultural embodiment of power metal, taking cheesy epicness to logical extreme. Despite the technical wankery of the guitar solo, the song still manages to bring emotional impact, at least partly due to the other vapid fantasy lyrics.

9. Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Another song which is here because of it's cultural impact. The song stands as one of the few metal songs with widespread cultural acceptance, making it's opening riff iconic. And damn is it a good riff. It's not the best metal song ever, but it's the best metal song that you sing or play part of it to a friend who is not a metalhead and reasonably expect them to join in.

10. One Wish - Tarby
The song isn't actually out yet, but if this preview is anything to go by, I'm certainly going to put it here.
29.12.2014 - 13:25
Infernal Eternal
1. Victorious March - Amon Amarth
I listen to this song every time I have to face something, SATs etc. Such an epic song.

2. Incarnated Solvent Abuse - Carcass
Great intro, sick lyrics. It's my favourite song from my favourite Carcass album.

3. Cenotaph - Bolt Thrower
An anti- war song with great lyrics by the best British Death Metal band.

4. Lost In The Twilight Hall - Blind Guardian
Lord of the Rings, Kai Hansen. Enough said.

Other songs I can't explain (sorry):

5. Battle Hymn - Manowar
6. Heavy Metal Breakdown - Grave Digger
7. I am the black wizards - Emperor
8. Exiled Archangels - Rotting Christ
9. Antikrist - Dimmu Borgir (the original)
10. NIB - Black Sabbath
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