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Which band do you think is better, Iced Earth or Blind Guardian?

Blind Guardian105
Iced Earth56
Too different to compare31
Both suck2

Total votes: 194

The original post

Posted by Sulac on 03.07.2010 at 02:56
Blind Guardian and Iced Earth are my two favorite power metal bands, and I can never decide which of the two is better. So what do you metalstormers think?

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Behdad K

Posts: 206

Age: 23
From: Iran

  04.07.2010 at 14:05
Well, I voted for Iced Earth.
They're one of my first favorite bands and that vote was a kind of showing respect.
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Angelic Storm

Posts: 6675
From: UK

  04.07.2010 at 15:20
Both amazing and very different bands. I'll go with Iced Earth, although I love Blind Guardian a lot too.
To Arms!

Posts: 479

Age: 30
From: Mexico

  05.07.2010 at 03:19
Love both bands but i like blind guardian more because they're more melodic and the vocals and chorus are awesome
Stay Metal !!!

Posts: 17

Age: 26
From: Poland

  05.07.2010 at 03:53
For me it's simple - Blind Guardian is just better. They are one of my favourite bands and I think, that they would won many comparisons like that for me.

Posts: 9

Age: 23
From: Germany

  05.07.2010 at 14:42
Blind Guardian all the way
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Posts: 13

Age: 24
From: Norway

  05.07.2010 at 15:27
It's Blind Guardian for me. I'm excited about their upcoming album - too cool that the literature they've used for inspiration are some of my favourite IE and BG's collaboration Demons & Wizards turned out rather awesome, would've loved it if they made a third album together!
Valentin B

Posts: 10016

Age: 26
From: Belgium

  05.07.2010 at 19:13
<-it's easy to know who i voted for if you know who this guy is. they are my second favorite band of all time, i know almost all their songs backwards, and they simply pwn almost every other band out there.
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Posts: 184
From: USA

  05.07.2010 at 21:58
Iced Earth all the way! But Blind Gaurdian kicks ass as well
O Sinistron
Hopeless Sinner

Posts: 212

Age: 31
From: Brazil

  06.07.2010 at 03:03
Well, It's really hard to decide!
I've met both bands in the same time when I was starting listening to metal!
But I believe I'll go with BG, just because in the beginning it was my favourite!

Posts: 368

Age: 26
From: USA

  06.07.2010 at 11:34
I discovered these two bands at the sametime just like most people posting in this thread, Welcome to Dying was my first BG song and My Own Savior was my first IC, and overall Iced Earth has the aggression that beats the epicness of BG. My vote goes to IC, plus im biased, my favorite band of alltime is Iced Earth

Posts: 4862

Age: 40
From: UK

  08.07.2010 at 03:31
Just a reminder - peeps should give reasons for what they've voted for. (Some of you have done so, which is great! But not all...)

The thread starter should technically have answered his own question properly, too, instead of just saying you can't decide.. but we'll let it slide for now!

Posts: 242

Age: 24
From: USA

  08.07.2010 at 07:05
Alright. I shall answer my question then.

After much deliberation, I settled on Iced Earth, simply because I relistened to the Gettysburg trilogy. Best freakin thirty minutes of metal ever recorded, in my opinion.
While Blind Guardian has superb instrumentation and a good singer, I sometimes get a little weary of their multi-layered voice, and I have come to prefer Iced Earth's dark tones on their albums. So I'll have to go with them for my final vote.
Bad English

Posts: 44481

Age: 31
From: Sweden

  08.07.2010 at 11:14
OK its hared to choose I like both werry much and same early albums from both, only diference is I dont like BG after Nightfall, but like IE all albums
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Posts: 2

Age: 28
From: Malaysia

  09.07.2010 at 17:59
BG is my band....
so i going with them...:banger2:

Posts: 489

Age: 28
From: USA

  09.07.2010 at 19:23
While I like both, Blind Guardian wins for me. Hansi is my favorite vocalist, and Blind Guardian has more of my favorite songs. ...And Then There Was Silence is a masterpiece in my opinion.

I never get tired of the multi-layered vocals, but that's just me.
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Member of the True Crusade against True Crusades

Posts: 6
From: USA

  12.07.2010 at 16:39
Aaaahh! Some of us like BOTH!!! So hard ok but I gotta go w the band I found first: ICED EARTH!

Posts: 180

Age: 28
From: USA

  14.07.2010 at 00:32
How can you even compare them? They are both great, but in different ways. Iced Earth is more like Classic heavy metal with a hint of power metal, they can be compared to bands like Maiden or Priest. Blind Guardian is all power metal, they can be compared to Stratovarius or Rhapsody. Either way I can not go with one or the other. Why? Because they both rock! These are two of my favorite power metal bands along with Symphony x and Kamelot. Symphony x is my favorite though because of the nice mix of Prog and Power.
His Eminence
Account deleted
  14.07.2010 at 02:41
I voted for Iced Earth out of preference, but both are very talented bands. Although, I do enjoy more of Iced Earth's discography than I do Blind Guardian's.

Posts: 48

Age: 26
From: USA

  14.07.2010 at 21:19
Blind Guardian by far. I like Iced Earth, but BG is much more original and interesting.

Posts: 138

Age: 33
From: Latvia

  14.07.2010 at 21:42
Both of them are the only power metal bands, that I don't hate, but really enjoy!

Posts: 777

Age: 30
From: UK

  17.07.2010 at 19:12
Iced Earth = Jon Schaffer

Posts: 26

Age: 22
From: UK

  20.07.2010 at 18:28
Written by Powerslavex on 17.07.2010 at 19:12

Iced Earth = Jon Schaffer

What's your point?

Anyway, I was considering voting for Blind Guardian, because they were one of my favourite bands when I was first getting into metal, and I still love them now. Still, all things considered, they can be kind of over-the-top sometimes, and lately I'm preferring Iced Earth's more aggressive style, so my vote goes to Iced Earth.
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Posts: 777

Age: 30
From: UK

  21.07.2010 at 00:31
Written by YonTroper on 20.07.2010 at 18:28

Written by Powerslavex on 17.07.2010 at 19:12

Iced Earth = Jon Schaffer

What's your point?

Anyway, I was considering voting for Blind Guardian, because they were one of my favourite bands when I was first getting into metal, and I still love them now. Still, all things considered, they can be kind of over-the-top sometimes, and lately I'm preferring Iced Earth's more aggressive style, so my vote goes to Iced Earth.

What i meant was that i voted for Iced Earth because im a big fan of Jon Schaffer
Hellish Star

Posts: 2966

Age: 47
From: Belgium

  22.07.2010 at 12:39
Iced Earth, especially the old albums.

Blind Guardian has always been too mediocre to me...

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Posts: 242

Age: 24
From: USA

  13.09.2010 at 22:43
After seeing them live...

Posts: 25

Age: 34
From: USA

  14.09.2010 at 03:28
I love both, but Blind Guardian winds it for me. They are one of the best bands I have seen live... absolutely amazing.
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Account deleted
  15.09.2010 at 17:54
I like both equally so I don't vote here.

Posts: 709

Age: 29
From: Australia

  16.09.2010 at 04:11
I really like both bands, both are amongst my favorites, so it is difficult to pick which is better, but i will vote for Iced Earth purely because Jon Schaffer is one of my favorite song writers.
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Posts: 90

Age: 23
From: Sweden

  18.09.2010 at 01:14
I voted for Blind Guardian because almost all albums they've done are reallt good. Especially Nightfall in middle earth and Night at the opera and the albums around that "era". Nowdays Blind Guardian does album with just a few good songs on it like Iced Earth have done on all their albums.
The Voyager
The Table

Posts: 152

Age: 24
From: USA

  18.09.2010 at 01:46
I voted for Iced Earth for one reason. Matt Barlow. The early Iced Earth is some of the best power metal I have ever heard. Still have a lot of respect for Blind Guardian though.

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