My Last Dawn- Heavy Metal band from the North East Of England

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28.07.2010 - 03:43
Angel Of Mercy
Hey guys, Just want to promote my band "My Last Dawns" youtube channel.

We are a young band members between 13 and 16. The drummer is the youngest. We formed about five or six months ago and we have had gigs at the O2 Academy 2 and Northumbria University. Which are major venues in the North east of England.

My Last Dawn formed out of the remaines of We Killed The Dinosaurs, who split because of musical differences. We all had our ideal vision for that band and it was not going the way we all intended so we decided to call it a day. Officialy we told the story of everyone having personal disagrements with each other. That was true but it was only a half truth and the Andy (guitar,vocals) did not want to play in a band for a while again....

We Killed The Dinosaurs tried to keep going with a new found guitarist, but they left. So the two remaining members brought in future My Last Dawn Bassist (Angus Richman) in order to play bass and the bassist from We Killed The Dinosaurs changed to guitar. That project failed and because this un-named band were part of Newcastle City Councils "Rockschool" which is for young bands. They rang Andrew Scarlett (guitars) and offered him a place because they needed a guitarist who could do vocals and they already had guitarist Rachel Mcbean.

And from that day.

My Last Dawn were born.

(links below, if you bare with us proper recorded studio stuff will be up in the next couple of weeks. They are being mixed)
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