You found a wallet with money lying on the street. what do you do?

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Posted by Valentin B, 12.10.2010 - 15:47
I will take the money if there is no ID in the wallet/bag/whatever and if i can't attribute it to a certain person. If there is any indication who that lost bag/wallet/whatever belongs to, I will not take the money.


you found a wallet with money and ID papers lying somewhere, so you..

report both the money and wallet
keep the money and the wallet
keep the money, report wallet to police

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01.02.2012 - 04:47
I would report it and where it could be found - if nobody claimed it within some amount of time (undecided) I would probably use the money. This is assuming I couldnt track down the person myself. Hell, they might even tell you to keep the money if you were to give it back

I'd hope that somebody would do the same for me.