A pop punk song I've written and recorded with my band...

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Posted by marinBG, 10.09.2006 - 22:25
I would like you to hear a songy I've written... First of all, I should appologize that it is in Bulgarian. We've recorded an English version, but I don't see us mixing it anytime soon. Anyway, the song was written for a particular occasion so hopefully you will excuse the fact that it is so happy and non-metal

ther you go: http://yourkiller.hit.bg/SteepPoint - S Teb.mp3

I hope to hear as many opinions as possible, including negative ones.

13.04.2007 - 13:08
Alex Smith
It's not a punk, but I realy enjoyed to listen this song. The song's good, keyboard plays great... I realy wanna hear the english version. By the way, let me know, when your band will come to play in Estonia
24.06.2007 - 10:50
Well, for sure the song is not pure old school punk... but I believe it falls into the category of pop punk, but if it doesn't let's call it Italian-like pop I have no problem with it... I'm just happy there were a few people that enjoyed it... and I actually agree that it sounds a bit mainstream And I don't think this song will be ever played live... the band I recorded it with doensn't even exist anymore
...cause I don't give a fuck if you hate me!
11.07.2007 - 18:54
The Sasquatch
its pretty good, 4look likes it lol. Although I dont think its pop punk, but pop rock.