Do anyone need a Black Metal vocalist?

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12.10.2011 - 01:35
Frost Beast
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Written by Vind on 04.03.2011 at 18:31


Im a norwegian black metal vocalist wondering if there is anyone that is looking for a bm vocalist to record vocals for youre project or band.
I have equipment at home so I can record whenever I am needed to. If someone wants to start a new band with me on vocals that would be cool aswell ^^

Here is a recording I did. I took "Taake - Doeadskvad Part VI" which is a instrumental and recorded vocals over. The lyrics are taken from "Taake - Bjørgvin Part VI" mixed with my own lyrics.
So I sing in norwegian in this recording.

So Pm me or send an email to: if anyone is interested.

Well, I need one. Here's my band's forum thread: